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Changes in companies bring new waves. These waves may cause construction or destruction of the whole structure. Changes may be a barrier for some companies and may be a golden opportunity to deal with.
Bringing changes in a company is not an easy task. Itís like changing personality, changing the look and changing the way to go ahead. Changes brought have to do a lot with the external as well as the internal after effects. Companies have to change due to external forces like Global Economic crises or internally due to operational and management issues.

There are two types of changes seen in a company. Radical change and Incremental change. The most dangerous is the radical. Radical change applies on the complete organisation of the company and shakes the complete structure bottom-up and top down.
Incremental change is regular change and does not affect the management system. The change in technical aspects or new implementation tools has to be regular, to be excellent. Regular changes in the company are required to maintain the day to day tasks to be more efficient and effective.

But, any kind of change may cause difficulty for the staff or management. Some follow the change and some resist the change. If people follow the given change then the company is a winner as it has anchored its trust and faith within the employees. But the one who cannot anchor it faces the consequences badly.

The worst that can happen in bad situations is a Lock Out, Lay off or Strike. It all depends upon the management how to deal with these changes. It is easy to get a change in a mechanistic company but very difficult if it is an organic organisation. The people get scared about their job security and power. They fear that they will lose their positions and so they resist change.

There are many other factors that may affect ones thinking but the affects of change are terrific. The four types of changes within the company are Technological, Products and Services, Strategy and Structure and Culture. The most difficult change to deal with is the cultural change that relates to integration in the work place. Companyís knowledge is its best asset and if that doesnít perform well or choose to move out of the company then the company loses assets that cannot be measured.

Changes affect many other things in a company. The tools of hygiene and motivation have to be used regularly to deal with people. It is a platform to reduce resistance during changes. Before bring the change reduce resistance by education, communication, involvement, facilitation, support and negotiation. Using the tools of being explicit and implicit would be hazardous to the company.
Win the hearts of the people to anchor change. Change is good for all but make all realise that itís a new life and not a change.

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