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About President Obama: a new perspective on the man, the President and the powers that influence our daily lives...

Enrica Perucchietti, a journalist and writer from Turin (Italy) after years of experience as popular TV journalist and show host in Northern Italy has chosen to develop the investigative path of her career and recently her first non fiction book has been published. The topic of the book is quite relevant, provoking and unsettling on a global scale: “L’altra faccia di Obama. Ombre sul passato e promesse disattese” (Obama’s other face: shadows on his past and unrealized promises). We have met her to learn more about the roots, contents and development of this investigative work.

A new book on Obama, aren't there too many already? What is really new in yours?

You're are right. Too many books about him, but they only show one side of Obama: as a wonderful man and politician rising from the lower class of society by his own forces. Looking at facts, not opinions, this is not the case. My book reveals the other side of Obama, what you never heard, read or seen before: who is really the President, his connection with CIA, Masonry, Bilderberg and Illuminati. I've studied his life and his parents' lives. For example the forgotten years of his youth as a student in New York he didn't even mention in his biography, because too difficult to explain, or the very questionable people who helped him to develop his career. Overall Brzezinski, his mentor.

Interesting the story about his parents; can you tell us a little bit more about where and how they met? I think it is quite revealing...

Ann Dunham met Barack Obama senior in Honolulu, at the University where she studied Anthropology, in particular Russian (very strange for those years a girl studing russian...). Obama senior was already married but he married her without tell her about his wife in Kenya. After many years they divorced and she married Lolo Soetoro and went with him to Indonesia after the Sukarno's golpe. In my book I show the connection between Obama's mother, father and stepfather with CIA including the mysterious years spent in Indonesia. Obama's roots must be investigated here, back to his family. The story about his birth certificate started because his grandmother told journalists that Obama Jr was born at the Mombasa Hospital! Then journalists discovered that the certificate simply didn't exist. Obama spent a few million dollars to not show his certificate. Donald Trump's accusations, portraying Obama as an illegal President, pushed Obama to show a very strange birth certificate: with many corrections, strange signs, and the birth date different from the date of the registration to the registry offices. There are too many shadows about his biography and about his family.

Brzezinski as his mentor; I was really surprised when I found him associated so closely to Obama. Can you tell us a little bit more about him?

Don't be surprised. Brzezisnki was the shadow mentor of Jimmy Carter as it is now to Obama. He is famous for his geopolitical strategy relevant to the Middle East. He is a Cold War supporter. Obama met him and gained his university degree with him in New York; but he didn't tell this side of his life in his autobiography. Brzezisnki is a founder of the Trilateral Commission, a member of the Bilderberg Group and the Illuminati. He introduced a young Obama to these associations. Then Obama worked for the BIC an agency connected with CIA...

It is common global perception that Obama is the first USA President elected mainly thanks to small campaign contributions from many supporters that wanted real change, you are pointing out that this is not the case... Why?

Because his campaign has been the most expensive in history. And the money didn't come only from common people but even from the Lobbies! From Wall Street lobbies: the Big Banks – afterward recognized as too Big to Fail and saved by his administration during the Financial Crisis– the Pharmaceutical, Defense and OGM multinationals, Law Firms, etc.. My book reveals the shadowy characters that financed Obama. Some of them now ask him for favors, as it happened with the Big Banks. He is simply a Lobbies’ puppet. He depended and also depends from their money. I wrote the names of the powerful people and lobbies who helped him. Those people'll help him again for the 2012 presidential campaign. It's all documented.

The data and information that you are pointing out and connecting as evidence to support your thesis where really hard to find or the difficult task is just having the patience and resources to 'connect the dots'?

You just need the time and patience to do the research, to connect the dots. Lots of information is actually under our noses, in front of our eyes, but we are unable to see it and understand it because TV, newspapers and popular books tell us every day what the people in power wants us to know; what the lobbies want us to know. But most of the news do not represent reality: they are manipulated. So many scandals developed as the famous birth certificate: because the journalists are set to work like in a cage; they are not free to research, write or tell you about actual facts and reality. This is why they tell you every day Obama is a good man, President etc.. At the same time there are too many proofs that it isn't true. Obviously you need contacts, sources, and you must control every source to reconstruct the facts in the right way.

If by looking at facts and evidence we put into question the ethical basis of such a charismatic and globally acclaimed leader, in whom can we place our trust?

This is the core of the problem. We can't place our trust on politicians, on sources of economic power, or even on institutions as if they were dogmas. We must always supervise and check them. They represent us, we are not their puppets. We have come to misunderstand what it means to live in a democracy. But we have to watch over the Governments even if we cannot be sure about what they are up to. We have to look over the key principles that get a democracy to stand up. We are losing our power as people and we risk to become puppets. We are accepting what they tell us without really questioning it: overall the 9/11 happenings or the Osama bin Laden's death. In which way we can trust them if there are so many anomalies and so many economic interests tangled up with these kind of events? We must become again critical and analytical towards what it is happening around us and what they tell us. We can't believe all the words they tell us!

What investigative projects are you currently working on and why?

I'm working on two different projects. I'm just finishing up to write a book about the Middle East wars. It deals with bin Laden's death, Mullah Omar and Gheddafi. I'll expose the other truth about the Middle East wars. The lobbies' economic interests that drove us to war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libia. The truth isn't as simple as they told us. There aren't people all good or all evil. There are many political and economic interests behind wars. I'm also beginning to write a parallel book about mind control CIA and M16 projects, as MK ULTRA or TAVISTOCK, or the microchips introduction in our bodies included into the Obamacare. In this book I'll also deal with the Julian Assange's secret life and the connection of Wikileaks with CIA, as Daniel Estulin discovered and wrote about in his last book, ‘Desmontando a Wikileaks’.

What made you start and develop this challenging, demanding and even risky career pathway?

I'm moved from the passion to know the truth. I've worked many years in TV, as a journalist and host and I've learnt the real system of the Media. It's bad. It's wrong. A journalist isn't free to say the truth: too many interests manipulate public opinion. So many journalists are connected the lobbies. They are "for sale" and sold!. They are puppets. For example, the big global editors come from Club Bilderberg, for example. We really make disinformation every day and on so many levels. This way we create a new hero ready to save people, as we painted Barack Obama: but it isn't true. It's all a lie. Obama is a CIA and Illuminati's puppet as everyone else. More powerful people exist behind him and are maneuvering the USA Agenda. When you begin to know this system, you can't come back. Your own world vision changes. You must go on to this pathway. I'm not afraid about my career or about my safety. I'm only afraid and I take care of my future, about our common future. This is the most important thing: our future, our freedom. But to defend them, we have to become aware of what it's hiding behind the appearance, behind the throne. Only in this way we won't risk to betray our freedom.

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