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Richard Branson's new book "Screw Business as Usual" ...the bottom-up way!
review by Riccardo Paterni

This time around Branson comes out with a powerful manifest to a new way of doing business and philanthropy, a way that aims to put the power and decision making where it count most and it is most concrete in practical terms: to the local people directly involved, people that need to improve their day to day lives. "Do good, have fun and the money will come" is the original straightforward motto, easy to remember... but is that easy to put into practice? The solution comes out in pure provocative style: "How are you screwing?"...

Think whatever you want of Branson but the 'nutty bloke' is a very concrete and practical person (even, or most of all, in its crazy public relations stunts or ways to create and develop business). He points out that the "Screw Business as Usual" practice is already part of day to day life of many even small business (actually mostly small and thriving!) that develop business ideas in a sustainable way for for the community and environment they operate into.
Not a novel idea ok, what is novel is that it is truly summarized and exemplified to be understood by anyone, not just academia.

"Capitalism 24902" is the new way do to business branded by Branson and the people at Virgin Unite, the Virgin Foundation to develop sustainable solutions for a better living not just philanthropy: actual bottom-up solutions are the ones that last longer. Solutions made by the people whom directly know best how to tackle their problems, they just need to be supported and stimulated in the endeavor. 24902 is the actual circumference of earth in miles, "Capitalism 24902" represent the modern practical application of the Global Village concept popularize by Branson's friend: Peter Gabriel.

We can help and contribute to develop "Capitalism 24902" and truly make a difference in our communities and in our global community! "Do good, have fun and the money will come", let's keep on "Screwing" or let's start doing it! ;-)
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