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'Globalization going backwards'

By now there many signs around the world that capitalism fueled by the ambitions and technology of globalization has gone too far: many countries experienced and are experiencing strong and apparently endless economic and financial crisis; the prosperity that gradually expanded the ranks of the middle class in the Western world beginning in the '50s and '60 has drastically and brutally reversed its course; boardrooms around the globe are realizing that there are no longer mid to long term 'safe heavens' to their decisions making and investments; everything changes so fast that a sound decision made today needs to be radically revised tomorrow because conditions have drastically changed.

All of this, during the last few months has markedly boardroom decisions focusing on global expansion: factories are returning their operations to the USA and Europe after investments in China and other emerging countries; a global mindset is increasingly questioned by economic, political and social observers alike. Is this 'reverse trend' set into a lasting gear? What are going to be its consequences for the economic, political and social system?
Is this good or bad for the majority of us?

The following article offers some interesting facts and perspectives to ponder about:

"Globalization goes backwards"


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