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Slow down to smart up!
The Slow Food legacy carries on...

More than twenty years ago (June 1986) Carlo Petrini founded in Italy the Slow Food ® movement.


What is Slow Food all about? It is about learning to enjoy life starting from daily habits such us eating and drinking: eating slower (the opposite of “fast food”), drinking less (in terms of wine) but better quality. The success of the movement, that has spread since from Northern Italy (Piedmont region) to over 100 countries worldwide, has stimulated a series of related cultural activities and now the movement is beginning to make its mark also within the world of international business: production, marketing and distribution of food which dynamics are based upon the very own philosophy of the movement itself that is based upon three key pillars: Defense of Biodiversity; Taste Education; Linking Producers to Consumers.


The success of Slow Food ® has risen from the intuition of its founder to link food to its historic and cultural background. When you eat something linked to a recepy of let’s say two hundred years ago, you need to be aware of the special connection you make with the past and take advantage of that special moment to learn more about it while you enjoy your food. The same thing is with drinking wine. These special links with history and culture through food and wine have helped many to slow down and smart up! by gaining a real appreciation for the simple things in life that can make such a difference in our lives!


This is a concept that can have an powerful impact on so many other things we do both at work and at home! Compared to the fast moving pace of life today  (but where are we all running to? are we ever taking the time to think about it?!) all of this is quite revolutionary and bound to be successful because it is so simple and rooted in something real, concrete and inspiring as the richness of our past!


Thank You to Carlo Petrini and all of its international (by now) group of very passionate people! For more information about Slow Food ®  please check out their international website! /

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