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to my friend Riccardo.

What is within me is not of this world but has been born of this world. It is
between the spiritual and the physical, it is MY-SELF.

In the beginning I could not see myself but as part of this world. As age
increased there began a process of knowing it was a power so independent and
strong. It was not understood in my youth but later put to its proper use.

As a youth watching people ice skating on a frozen pond, in moments floating on
ice and without a fall, quite special for one who had never ice skated,
MY-SELF knew it was possible.

Watching some friends at a bowling alley, then joining a competitive group of
bowlers and within a short time beat a more professional team, my score came
just a few pins short of a perfect game, and MY-SELF knew it.

I loved grandfather clocks and so MY-SELF knew it could build one and did so.

I saw skiers jumping off a small ski jump within a 2 hour period attempts to go
down the ski slope began and after 2 failures the third attempt landed
successfully. My-SELF knew it.

I did the same with water skiing, upon seeing it I was successful in doing it
the first time, and MY-SELF knew it.

Loving music and sound I spent time studying acoustics and before the age of
surround sound, designed what would eventually become that reality. Create
speakers that reproduce reality beyond anyone’s belief and MY-SELF knew it.

That inner self is what gives shape to the world. It is the only thing that
can change the world by shaping a more peaceful, and loving world.

That is what I dream, that is what can be, now work to make it real in life, and
MY-SELF knew it.

© 2006 by Mark D. Falcone

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