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The Age Factor

We all live in a very competitive world. All have much to do and to finish in our daily life. But has anyone of us thought that are we at the right age to do that and experience the essence and getting the core knowledge from the activity?

For some the answer is yes for some no. What is your government telling you!!! When you should have you driving license? When should you vote? When should you get married? Why are all these obligations in life when the life is so fast?
Well a 10 year old kid in America and 5 year old kid in Afghanistan know Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama very well. So does that mean they can vote because they know them and have an Idea of their extreme past and present activities?

We have to understand that all this is experience and exposure that our human mind can collect at any ages we start understanding the upper layer of knowledge. But we reach the core only when we get to the right age and have the right thinking, measuring and analyzing power.
Life is small and learning never ends. But what we learn everyday from external activities and events is secondary knowledge which may or may not be understood. There are times when someone says, Oh! Now I got it what my parents had to tell me when I was small.
We have to carry out our activities with a program that will help us and the children to understand things at the right age.
When we have children we burry their heads into books ,theories and high level future goals but never try to understand that they need to play, talk and interact with you to learn Values, Culture and Discipline during the initial learning process. We often want our child to be a Scientist, Lawyer or Doctor but never a Right person formed or moulded at the right age.

Maturity comes with age. Experience which is an external factor affects one’s life , comes anytime but is understood well only at the right age. It is how we exploit the capacity and capability of our brain growth during the learning process to process the external data and this capability comes with age.
Let us see how we strain out brains before time.

A very common example is of Children.
When the child is 6 years he knows what he wants to be, because his father and mother have told him that. So, at this stage the child instead of concentrating on the process of learning his primary lessons is thinking of the outcome that is after 16 years , which he has heard from his parents but unaware of the path nor does he understands the subject.

So, this example proves that only when the child is 21 years old (Matured Level) he will be in a position to understand the situation and mark his position right. Experiences understood at the right age will help him take a decision for his life as he and his brain is getting matured to think, measure and analyze the information.

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