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Olympics Arena
What is a company? Nothing but Olympics.

What is a company?

Nothing but Olympics.

When we visit a company there may be these situations, one the company has an office and second a company also has a manufacturing unit. These two are the grounds of Olympics in our daily work life.

Every different process is a game and every individual is an athlete here who has to perform and achieve the best medal for his company first and then for himself. We as managers, Leaders, labours, workers and other staff should not be fortune tellers like the spectators in the stadium. Our customers are our fortune tellers who are waiting for our quality product in the market. Instead we have to see and analyse our mistakes and correct them by not being egoistic.

There are many athletes that win and more than that are losers but not losers for life time. They are the future winners as they learn from their mistakes. We should make sure that our own department has to work together as a team; we all have to give maximum output for the company and for our end users.
In a company everyday is a judgement day and everyday is a day to practice and improve ourselves in which ever easy or tough way. An Olympic athlete has one goal a Gold Medal for his country and our goals have to be to see our company listed at the New York stock exchange and being amongst the Fortune 500. We should be the creators and heart of the market.

WE as a team of different people and differences have to come together to solve issues, accept our own mistakes, understand others and their problems and get to a solution for everything. We should always remember that we as an individual are a small component of a big machine. If we stop our function we stop the machine.
The manager /coach of the Olympics team is never in the cabin watching the athlete and guiding him from far. So, a company manager should always be on the floor with the staff or production team to keep the game and practice going. Also that itís the athletes own moral responsibility to perform in given condition and try to achieve the goal. So the junior staff is equally responsible to help the managers.

Time plays a very important role in our lives. Focused athlete of Olympics sleeps on time, eats on time and works specifically on time. If we cannot respect it no one will respect us. We should work on time, eat on time and always respect others time. It is the matter of respect for others when we are told to be at a specific place at a specific time and also a matter of self- development.

So what we see is just setting the goal is not achieving the goal. Goals are made to be set. But a right chosen path and framework can lead you to success if you think beyond the goal and reposition the activities whenever and wherever needed. Efficient teamwork, integrity in diversity and respect for time are main factors that can lead one or many to success.

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