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Indian Festival ( Krishna Janmashtami ) and Management.

Itís all related to Lord Krishna who was born in Mathura (India). Lord Krishnaís mother was Yashoda. Lord Krishna used to like to eat butter. Yashoda used to extract clean butter and store it in a pot at a higher place so that Krishna does not steal and eat it. But Lord Krishna and his friends used to make a pyramid to reach and break the pot and enjoy the butter.

Till today this tradition is going on in modern India to celebrate Lord Krishnaís Birthday. But the pyramid to break the pot is not small but is huge as you can see in the picture. The height of the pot from the ground is approximately 40 feet. This also goes up to 60 feet in some places in Mumbai (India).There is also a big price money that goes up to US $5555.Itís not about money but the tradition and the joy of enjoying and celebrating Lords birthday. Many young people fracture their bones and a couple also lost their lives.

If we look at the whole process of making the pyramid and a small kid of 10 years reaching the top to break the pot is in its kind a great management process with safety. We can see the strength of the bottom level to hold the massive weight of the people above with great responsibility, the strength and courage of others to be dependent and having confidence/trust on the people below that they wonít fail. These participants are well chosen for this festival and inherit great level of passion in them to perform this act every year. There is high level precision to locate the pot when the small kid reaches up. A small offset from the pot is a failure and the pyramid has to be rebuilt. In some cases, since the price money is big there is only one chance given. It is similar to success and failure with consumer product

Itís a kind of a management theory of team work, trust and confidence. Of course they know their goal too i.e to break the pot and get their price and butter. It is a well co-ordinated team work with great flow and determination. It is also being spiritual by having faith in God and trying to break high level pots. These young boys are not from rich families so they do this for many reasons. But the first and only main reason is culture and Lord Krishna.We have many things to learn from different cultures and festivals which are a perfect example of Management and Team Work.

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