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Laughter Yoga

As we know but don’t realize that laughter is the best medicine. We need more muscles to frown than to laugh. When we frown or get upset a “toxic mixture” gets generated and get added to our blood stream. Laughter does exactly the opposite it releases “happy mixture” and reduces the stress factor.

In India a very good practice of this science is put in use. The Laughter Therapy where a group of people come together in a garden or beaches to laugh and get out of stress. There are thousands of people that have benefited from this. Problems like blood sugar, high blood pressure and depression has been minimized or even eradicated.

It’s very simple to practice, a number of people who meet make comic faces and laugh loudly with hands raised in the air looking at each other and it goes on for an hour or so. In the picture you can see the “Dabbawalas of Mumbai” 5000 in number who carry 200,000 lunch boxes everyday all over Mumbai from the houses to offices and back to the respective houses without making a single mistake. The best supply chain which has been graded and Harvard School of Business and recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. The greatest solution for this supply chain to burst their stress is the laughter therapy. There is nothing to lose but a lot to gain-free of cost without going on medication. Laughter helps body detoxication and efficient functioning of our different body organs like lungs.

In many practical cases in India it was shown that people who were bald have even started getting hair again with this practice. People with gastro problems have cured themselves. The colour of the hair changes to black from grey and also helps to regenerate good skin coat. It’s a real new world and practice of medication also formerly known as “Laughter Yoga”. Many companies are now adapting this therapy to help the stressed out managers and heavy workers to cope up with the stress and regain vital stamina. It also reduces the anxiety and serious tensions. Countries have joint hands and developed clubs for this exercise. No pharmaceutical company has been successful to develop a drug that would solve and clear all the mental problems caused due to stress and tension.

This therapy is been followed by many societies, groups, clubs and companies in India. People situated in Metros need them the most dude to their hectic work and personal tensions.

Laughter is the best medicine, only if you put it in action. Smile and laugh...let the world see your million dollar smile and hear your big laugh.

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