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Such a common word for the politicians of any country to speak about. They also add Integrity to it, but do not follow it. We different skins of people living in this world have the same aim, to live our life and make it better for our family and our self.
What exactly is diversity? Is it only people of different religions and races. No, diversity is a term that has to be applicable to our daily life. The way we work the way we live and many more things. We have to integrate these works to grow wiser and develop the capability of doing everything and anything.

When we do a 9 to 9 job we have nothing more to think of but just to complete the given task on time. If not done Boss will be angry and may not pay that months incentives. This kind of thinking will never help an individual to grow with wide spectrum of ideas and skills. We should enjoy every moment of the work and taste the sweet nectar of it. This will help us to keep up the flow and be more productive.
For being more productive and wise we have to carry out some changes in our daily life and we can call this diversity. When we consolidate all these activities and show better results its integration of diversity. We donít have to do much to enjoy our daily job. The same place can be great learning place.

If someone is working in office he can change his place weekly with other colleagues. There will be a difference as you will see different views and that will change the way you look at the office. When we have our lunch we should meet with different people from other departments so that there is knowledge transfer. You come to know what people think and what changes are required in their work place. We somehow become an analyser listening to different things and try to find solution. This challenges our brain to work and take a different direction.
You can discuss about new technology with your boss during meetings and not just discuss about the system problems or sales and marketing reports which happens to be your job. Thinking out of the box is very much important. Even a donkey works well when his owner tells him to deliver soil on his back. But what different is he doing from people like us who donít want to challenge their brains.
Teaching, training, doing exercise, reading and listening will change the way you live. Try go get the hold of different activities. If you canít reach the core try to know the skin.

We should meet people of different cultures and beliefs in a week or two to know what is happening around the world. We have the internet to do that and donít have to physically travel. The financial manager would read only the economical news paper but is unaware that there is been drought in his region. What kind of people are we and where are we heading. Try to collect information, change the way you work and live. Integrate the whole society and be a motivator to feel and sense diversity in the society for all.
Integrity in diversity first comes from within and then moves out in the society. It also helps to analyse how some do different things at the same time and manage their core job. No diversity leads to slow or no growth.

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