Innovation through stimulating critical thinking & facilitating practical action
(on a truly global perspective)




The project originates out of a need to stimulate concrete and practical innovation in the way of thinking and living with the scope of developing and making more productive organizational realities

To tie knowledge with action in the understanding that the two aspects are inseparable in the daily reality and future of work. 

To give a voice to those who experience organizational realities from the inside or from the outside. With the understanding that the current and future success of organizations depends upon fresh and constructive dialogue based upon usefulness and practical thinking and acting.

Because knowledge feeds action and action in turn feeds knowledge generating a cycle which encourages the positive evolution of the ties between humanistic expression of individual and group potential and organizational productivity and success.

All this to stimulate the evolution of organizational environments based on a constructive analysis of current and future experience.


The project is in the format of an on-line magazine consisting of three sections: Reviews; Ideas; Practices.

The Reviews section consist of ideas and reflections regarding the contents of books, articles, movies. The main objective of the reviews is not that to critique the content or writing style of the author, but rather to highlight observations, ideas, and reflections based on the WHY of the project above described. The books and articles chosen to review can come from any area of interest, from biographies, nonfiction (art, communication, economy, philosophy, finance, management, marketing, history, psychology, sociology, science, etc.) to fiction and poetry. Oftentimes these types of books and articles provide insight for further analysis and debate for the other two sections: Ideas and Practices.

The Ideas section consists of observations and reflections presented with clarity, straight-forwardness and passion, in the format of articles, brief nonfiction stories (published in various sections) or poems. Included in this section are also theories or theoretical models as long as they contribute in substance to ideas which have a direct relationship with the working world and are presented with simple descriptive language that is easily understood. The key focus is to make simple and understandable even the most complex ideas and theories; in other words, gain insight from the most recent research and studies with the objective of "translating" it into concepts and tools useful for organizational contexts.

The Practices section consists of testimonials, in first person or interviews, of daily work life with a particular focus on methods, systems, and actions experienced such as innovations and/or positive evolutions of working activities. In this sense, the scope is that of encouraging an exchange of practices between various professional and non-professional fields. This with the understanding that the majority of innovations do not spring up out of nothing, but oftentimes are adopted and adapted by contexts and fields of action different from the original source.

Reviews, Ideas and Practices are written primarily in english, occasionally in other languages, but most importantly with respect to the mother tongue of the author or authors. This also to underline the international characteristic and in the spirit of openness to ideas and practices on a global level.

The mix of Reviews, Ideas and Practices are developed for the scope of creating a functional research laboratory for the purpose of satisfying the requisites of the above indicated WHY of the project.

Due to the nature of these objectives, this virtual research lab has an interdisciplinary nature and strives to make the overall project not only dynamic, fresh , and stimulating , but also fun and fulfilling. In this spirit, the project is inspired by the popular television character Liutenent Colombo interpreted by the delightful Peter Falk.


A style characterized by: curiosity, humbleness, simplicity, straight-forwardness and a healthy dose of naivetè (insightful and insight-inspiring) . A style that involves others in the process of analysis and inspires a willing development of the skills required to ask ourselves and others lots of questions (even those sometimes uncomfortable or "wrong" about the the reasons for which we find ourselves living and working in particular circumstances. All this to make understandable and reduce in simple terms even those things which at first glance seem so complex and difficult to approach or understand. In other words, to arrive step by step to the "root of the question", with intelligence and a gentle smile , just as the good Liutenent Colombo is accustomed to doing.


The project is edited and managed by

(an organization focusing on the management and development of Human Capital) in the editing and selection of content in keeping with the spirit outlined in the above WHY section.

In keeping with the spirit of the project's WHY and the HOW/WHAT sections above outlined, we invite all those who have personal experience with an organizational context (either from inside the company or outside of it) in all of the various areas including strategic, professional and operational roles to contribute to the project.

The invitation is made with the scope of exploring and verifying the consideration that it is possible (by innovating our way of living, managing and perceiving the organization) to reconcile the apparently contrasting objectives of entrepreneurs, managers, workers, customers and communities; in other words, all stakeholders.

For this purpose, it is important to note that the processes of describing, understanding, and analyzing in the Knowledge For Action context should always be elaborated and approached in a CONSTRUCTIVE manner. In other words, criticsm or complaints of any nature, without suggestions for improvement or solutions, will not be considered or included in this project.

You are invited to contact Riccardo Paterni ( ) or by utilizing the e-mail to receive details related to submitting your contributions in the form of reviews, articles or poems. With reference to this, we outline our policy for respecting the rights of contributing authors:


for the purpose of supporting the project, assumes the editorial functions of selecting and editing contributions and hereby renounces all rights to the published text and presents itself simply as a mediator between author and reader. Author and reader are members of a community of practices that exchanges experiences. The rights remain with the author of the text. Authors who submit contributions do so for the purpose of increasing their exposure and in the reasonable hope that others can benefit positively by sharing their individual experiences as can the author gain useful tips from the ideas and experiences of others. In the case of any kind of reproduction of the contents hereby presented, it is formally requested that the wholeness of the texts be respected along with the clear citation of sources (author name and All violations of this request will be prosecuted.


WHERE / WHEN is a internet-based project and it is important to note that contributions can be read on-line and diffused telematically without limitations. However, author propriety remains intact. Without the expressed authorization of the author, the contents in this project may not be used for sales purposes, published in magazines, inserted in CD-ROMs or other multi-media channels of communication. is updated periodically depending on the volume of new contributions. Subscribers to the mailing list ( ) are automatically updated when new material is added to the site.

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