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Leadership, not simple management, the key factor to performance on track!

On August 26th, Eric Boullier, team principal Renault F1, made some very interesting statements on the topics of leadership, management and on track performance, relevant to the decision to replace Nick Heidfeld as a driver:
"Nick is a nice guy, but I think something did not work. His leadership didn't work in the team and when you are sometimes slower than Vitaly, in fact most of the time slower than Vitaly, it is difficult for him to push the team and to settle himself as the team leader.
"In the end if you talk about management, not just speed, when you have the negative spin starting, the negative loop, it is complicated to stop it.

"I don't say the performance of the team was because of Nick. The car is not good enough, we have not developed the car well enough, we made mistakes as well

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