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What Young India Wants
by Chetan Bhagat
review by Riccardo Paterni
After my recent intense visit in India I have begun to understand a little bit more the past, present and possible future of this 'Incredible India' subcontinent. My curiosity about India has become stronger and observing directly the many contrasts and idiosyncrasies that I thought I spotted is making me ... continue>

Richard Branson's new book "Screw Business as Usual" ...the bottom-up way!
review by Riccardo Paterni
This time around Branson comes out with a powerful manifest to a new way of doing business and philanthropy, a way that aims to put the power and decision making where it count most and it is most concrete in practical terms: to the local people directly involved, people that need to improve their day to day lives. "Do good, have fun and the money will come" is the original straightforward motto, easy to remember... but is that easy to put into practice? The solution comes out in pure provocative style: "How are you screwing?"... Think whatever you want of Branson but the ... continue>

The Seven-day Weekend. Changing the way work works
by Ricardo Semler
review by Riccardo Paterni
Ricardo Semler became quite popular more then twenty years ago when he tragically and unexpectedly inherited Semco, the family company located in Brazil (originally operating in the naval technology field) ... continue>

por Jean-Claude Bessudo
review by Riccardo Paterni
Este libro trata de un tema esencial a todas las empresas de hoy, pequeñas o grandes: la capacidad de conformarse con el cambio. Lo hace en una manera franca, discursiva y rica en anécdotas referidas a la vida experimentada del autor Jean-Claude Bessudo, colombiano, empresario y dueño de Aviatur, una ... continue>

Smart World. Breakthough creativity and the new science of ideas
by Richard Ogle
review by Riccardo Paterni
How do breakthrough ideas, products, services come to live? What is the real contribution of the so called ‘geniuses’ to the process? How does our mind process information and reality in order to come up with novel ideas? This book presents, in an original and articulated fashion, possible intriguing answers ... continue>

EL FIN DE SEMANA DE SIETE DIAS: No Dejes Que Tu Trabajo Se Adueñe De Tu Vida
por Ricardo Semler
review by Riccardo Paterni
Ricardo Semler se ha convertido popular más de veinte años atrás, cuando él, trágicamente y inesperadamente, ha heredado de su padre la Semco, la empresa familiar situada en Brasil (que originalmente operaba en la tecnología naval). Joven e inexperto acabó haciendo muchos errores hasta que se dio cuenta de que toda la forma tradicional “militar, mando y control” para administrar una empresa tuvo que ser totalmente y radicalmente cambiada. Implementó los cambios rápidamente y Semco ha llegado a ser una ... continue>

Happiness. Lessons from a New Science
by Richard Layard
review by Riccardo Paterni
An unsettling paradox: over fifty years of marked progress yet we are not any happier...   Why does a leading economist write a book about ‘soft stuff’ such as happiness? Even more puzzling: why does he ... continue>

An Inconvenient Truth
by Al Gore
review by Riccardo Paterni
Al Gore tone of voice can still be very boring at times (no matter how much passion he clearly puts into his strong arguments) yet this is a fascinating and very impressive collection of information. The topic is about causes and dynamics of global warming and we have to thank ... continue>

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. A novel
By Patrick Lencioni
review by Riccardo Paterni
This is a readable and enjoyable management book. The novel format makes it easy to relate to the ideas and practices featured; the relevant model introduced by Lencioni at the end of the novel in order to solve team dysfunctions (and we are mainly talking about executive level teams) is ... continue>
Interview with Dr. Savino Chiariello
Marketing & the current economic crisis...
Q. In your new book/manual “Il Marketing d’impresa. Elementi essenziali e innovativi” (Marketing for companies - Essential and innovative elements) you show how the conscious use of appropriate and practical means of marketing can make a difference for small ... continue>

The Capitalism that never was... will we ever experience real capitalism?
I recently watched and reflected upon, doing a little bit of facts finding and research too, the most recent movie of Michael Moore “Capitalism: A love story”. The movie came out in 2009 ( ), nowadays the featured are ... continue>

Agust 15th 1971. The Nixon Shock. When finance took over global decision making...
August 15th 1971, exactly 40 years ago the Nixon administration, by stopping to back the dollar with gold, made a decision that would affect the dynamics of financial and currency ... continue>

Being Humanistic
We have lost our path as we struggle to get elite space. The world is shaken enough by the past decisions and human(Political) rivalry. People are going through a lot ... continue>

Capital humano como motor de crecimiento para crear valor añadido
“En el siglo XXI colapsaran los países que no invertirán en el crecimiento y en la formación continua. El capital ... continue>

Changes in companies bring new waves. These waves may cause construction or destruction of the whole structure. Changes may be ... continue>

Recursos Humanos: si no hay estrategia no hay nada
Desde hace algunos años los recursos humanos se describen como un aspecto clave en la gestión estratégica empresarial. Se hacen grandes declaraciones sobre el valor del factor humano en términos ... continue>

Such a common word for the politicians of any country to speak about. They also add Integrity to it, but do not follow it. We different skins of people living ... continue>

Indian Festival ( Krishna Janmashtami ) and Management.
It’s all related to Lord Krishna who was born in Mathura (India). Lord Krishna’s mother was Yashoda. Lord Krishna used to like to eat butter. Yashoda used to extract clean butter and store it in a pot at a higher ... continue>

Why and how knowledge truly makes a difference in all aspects of today’s organizational complex global world...
A key motto: “Trust local knowledge”...
Professor Meir Russ began to work on Knowledge Management (KM) theories and practices many years ago. He is the author and editor of a book titled “Knowledge Management Strategies for ... continue>

The EGO-FREE POWER at work; source of strength and wisdom for complex and uncertain times... Why don’t we start using it?
The spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle (author of the Nr. 1 New York Times Bestseller “The Power of Now”) in his book “A New Earth. Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” presents a section by the title “Work - with and without ego”. Tolle articulates beautifully key dynamics we all have experienced ... continue>
Lincoln powerful up-to-date lessons...
I have no watched the recent Spielberg movie about Abraham Lincoln yet (I like always to watch movies in original language and right now I cannot find a way to do it) and I never truly have focused more in depth on his life and work until begun to read the book ‘Lincoln Melancholy’ that I am still enjoying and I will focus on these pages soon. I have found Lincoln thinking and actions very significant to today’s lives ... continue>

'Globalization going backwards'
By now there many signs around the world that capitalism fueled by the ambitions and technology of globalization has gone too far: many countries experienced and are experiencing strong and apparently endless economic and financial crisis; the prosperity that gradually expanded the ranks of the middle class in the Western ... continue>

Talent identification and development; the role of effective leadership. Unique global perspective: motorsport & management.
On January 23rd 2012 at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Pisa the 2012 Edition of the International Master in Business Administration of the Pisa University has begun with an open to the public Round Table on the following topic: “Talent identification & development; the role of effective leadership” This statement was further defined as follows. Within ever complex and changing organizational contexts, finding and developing talents has become much more than an ... continue>

Sports and money create and entangled often chocking mix: poor results and debts.
The Green Bay Packers football team’s unique organizational model proves this wrong.
Too often we are accustomed to associate to major sports excesses of money. Money wasted in questionable deal, soaring debts, franchising that are not working. Sport teams, in all sorts of sports, are often mismanaged with an obsessive focus over ... continue>

Leadership, not simple management, the key factor to performance on track!
On August 26th, Eric Boullier, team principal Renault F1, made some very interesting statements on the topics of leadership, management and on track performance, relevant to the decision to replace Nick Heidfeld as a driver: "Nick is a nice guy, but I think something did not work. His leadership didn't work in the team and when you are sometimes ... continue>

About President Obama: a new perspective on the man, the President and the powers that influence our daily lives...
Enrica Perucchietti, a journalist and writer from Turin (Italy) after years of experience as popular TV journalist and show host in Northern Italy has chosen to develop the investigative path of her career and recently her first non fiction book ... continue>

When an MBA can truly make a difference in a career (and a life)...
If we pay close attention to what is happening within ... continue>

Ezio Matteucci: Complementariedad e integración entre Colombia e Italia
Complementariedad e integración entre Colombia e Italia, es un tema que Ezio Matteucci, empresario toscano de San Miniato, desde hace ... continue>

Desarrollar el potencial humano: el poder de la diversidad cultural para saber realmente expresar lo mejor de nosotros mismos.
Lucca es una pequeña ciudad rica en historia que figura como una "caja de dulces" entre las murallas medievales que la caracterizan. Una “caja de dulces” ahora visitada de turistas de todo mundo por días o simplemente por algunas horas. ... continue>

¡Y qué!, ¿qué es esto? Visión, intersecciones y... un trabajo duro (¡que debe mantenerse diversión!)
Cambios, globalización, otros cambios, innovación, redes, nichos de mercado, aún ... continue>

Rugby. Inspiración y práctica para una ganadora y sostenible gestión empresarial de hoy
(introducción a diversos artículos sobre el tema)
A menudo se habla de deportes de equipo como ejemplos interesantes para mejorar el trabajo de equipo en las empresas pequeñas, medianas o grandes; empresas que tienen cada vez más ... continue>
SHIFT. Inside Nissan's historical revival
by Carlos Ghosn and Philippe Riès
review by Riccardo Paterni
Why Nissan's cars show the "fun to drive" and dependability of Japanese engineering and are ALSO great to look at? This book tells about the secrets behind Nissan's revival as a brand and as a company. It comes out this is a great example ... continue>

The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century
by Thomas L. Friedman
review by Riccardo Paterni
Interesting, informative, timely book; wrong title. In fact, the word “flat” belongs to the “old” material way of thinking and acting while the book is about the impact that the “young” digital ... continue>

The Rebel Rules. Daring to be your-self in business.
by Chip Conley
review by Riccardo Paterni
This is a book that would deserve much more attention by media and readers than it has gotten since it was published in 2001. The reason for this? It is quite simple; the book goes to the core of a key ... continue>

The Power of Intuition. How to use your gut feelings to make better decisions at work.
by Gary Klein
review by Riccardo Paterni
Gary Klein is, according to FastCompany, a “fearless thinker...(who) had the courage to bet his career on the hunch that people have grossly underestimated the power of gut instinct”. I have had the ... continue>
Laughter Yoga
As we know but don’t realize that laughter is the best medicine. We need more muscles to frown than to laugh. When we frown or get upset a “toxic mixture” ... continue>

Olympics Arena
What is a company? Nothing but Olympics.
What is a company? Nothing but Olympics. When we visit a company there may be these situations, one the company has an office and second a company also has a ... continue>

to my friend Riccardo. What is within me is not of this world but has been born of this world. It is between the spiritual and the physical, it is MY-SELF. In the beginning I could not see myself but as part of this world. As age increased there ... continue>

The Age Factor
We all live in a very competitive world. All have much to do and to finish in our daily life. But has anyone of us thought that are we at ... continue>
Slow down to smart up!
The Slow Food legacy carries on...
More than twenty years ago (June 1986) Carlo Petrini founded in Italy the Slow Food ® movement.   What is Slow Food all about? It is about learning to enjoy life starting from daily habits such us eating and drinking: eating slower (the opposite of “fast food”), drinking less (in terms of wine) but better quality. The success of the movement, that has spread since from Northern Italy (Piedmont region) to over 100 countries worldwide, has stimulated a series of related cultural activities and now the movement is beginning to make its mark also within the ... continue>

Ethos as the new strategic resource.
with Stephen Cummings (*)
Aleph V° is a Phantalic living in 2332. He had a chance to talk to us, men of the past, to help us in changing the future where he lives: a dramatic and undesirable future. He hopes that we will succeed in changing the future. Even though he’s well aware that changing the future means killing his existence. Those who may be interested in Aleph V° story, can read the paper published on 19th January 2004 by and written by Francesco Zanotti. This newsletter is the medium Aleph V° uses to talk to the today ruling class about the future. He decided that the first issue should present a dialog between two guys ... continue>

So, what is it all about? Vision, intersections and... hard work (that must be kept fun!) !
Change, globalization, change again, innovation, networks, market niches, change again... the bla bla bla of business speak has been spreading along many of these buzzwords during the last few years. We have ... continue>

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