Opportunities developer and catcher

I met Riccardo in Monza Circuit , and I have that feeling we have when we meet someone for the first time but you have the sensation to know him already.... 

The reason it is simple we both see the opportunities when they appear from a different perspective ... Riccardo is a real professional and he goes to the point in a matter of minutes, without wasting time... Thanks Riccardo for being a special person and I really hope we can do a lot of business together... See you around !!! Maybe in Mumbai soon!

Founder / President & CEO at SWISS CUSTOM WATCHES SA

Mover and shaker of ideas

My goal was to become, one day, HR Manager. Within my professional career it was very important also to meet Riccardo Paterni, a "mover and shaker of ideas" (he defines himself as such and such he is), he introduced me to the world of HR Development.


Extremely professional

Mr. Samit S. Naik – Operations Manager of Shree Gajanan Travels had provided us end to end Logistics and Public Transport Service for ‘The Club Golf’ in the year 2005 – Delhi (Gurgaon). The service and co-ordination provided by Mr. Samit S. Naik was extremely professional and was as per our specifications. The services offered were always satisfactory.

Melroy D’souza - ITALY
CEO Professional Management Group

Energetic, Creative

Riccardo is a truly mentor to me and I have learned a lot from him. I met him in University of Pisa where he delivered lectures on leadership and entrepreneurship, He is very organized, punctual and always came prepared to improve our skills and the projects we are working on in our MBA class. Here I would also like to add that he is very energetic, creative person and an incredible person who pushed me to do some of the best work that I have ever done e.g. Branding myself. He have a unique set of skills to motivate others, I am honored to learn form him.

MBA student

Sincere and dedicated Teaching

I had a pleasure to choose Riccardo as a tutor for my master thesis. Riccardo has 20+ experience within a real business and leads Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Leadership and Team Work modules within MBA program of University of Pisa, which makes his tutorial guidance highly valuable. Riccardo is very sincere and dedicated to teaching, he was always encouraging me to go further so that we achieve a better result. It is worth of respect that Riccardo sees his true professional mission in making his students duly trained so that to prepare them for further professional challenges in a highly uncertain and complex business context. Riccardo taught us a wide range of cutting age business concepts, as well as he always cared that we learn to step out of the frame, to think about people, to go and speak, to share ideas, to discuss, to ask questions and to synergyze.


Good logistics planner

Samit S. Naik is capable of managing large quantity pours’ and well scheduling it for our company. He is found working at grass root level.  Always polite with everyone and has fulfilled the requirements of our company. He is a good logistics planner for high number of concreting pours. He has never failed to give us prompt service during busy working hours

A.S. Nirban - INDIA
Nirban Construction

Life rich source of teachings

Riccardo has been my professor in the International MBA program at University of Pisa in which he is responsible for the Talent Management. His unmistakable approach is characterized by a great passion and by the unique contributions that come from his professional experiences. Riccardo's life is a rich source of teachings and it's impossible not to notice when you know him. He's a sincere and trustful advisor and his entrepreneurial spirit is constantly revealed in every interaction and it's a great source of motivation and personal reflection for everyone around him.


Caring, helping to build self confidence

I met Riccardo during my MBA in university of Pisa as the first professor and I am happy we haven't lost touch. He helped me out in many of my difficulties in Italy which shows he is a caring person and as the career adviser and individual developer he helped me build up my self confidence and pushed me so I can move forward and I am glad he did. I can summarize what I learnt from Riccardo in one sentence that he once told me: "the right constructive attitude is paramount on this as on everything else”. People leave marks on our lives and I am glad Riccardo's mark on my life is a significant one. 

Marketing Specialist

Pragmatic and realistic leader

I’ve had the privilege of working with Riccardo for little more than 4 months during the developing of my MBA master thesis based on the creation of a viable business plan for a consultancy company in Spain, and in that time Riccardo's was more than a tutor a business partner with clear and concise down to earth ideas to put in practice into the business plan thesis. He is also a pragmatic and realistic leader who seems to grasp ideas holistically whilst still taking note to the more acute details. I found this to be incredibly valuable during the entire process of the MBA as he was the program coordinator and the leader of the MBA Game Activity held at the end of the Master.


Focused on agreed outcomes

Working with Riccardo has been informative, enlightening, constructive and at times confrontational. He has always been open, honest (sometimes painfully so) and focused on agreed outcomes while retaining the flexibility that makes him so strong in the field of human resources. We came out of our project a smaller but stronger and more focused group. It has been a pleasure and I can recommend his services to all.


True entrepreneurs with practical insights on innovating

Riccardo's work is helping to foster the next generation of leaders who are prepared to take on the challenges of building businesses globally. His counsel to the executives in the University of Pisa International MBA program is an integral part of their experience in helping them to establish lasting relationships that create a social network asset. Riccardo is dedicated to helping the MBA executives realize their full potential. 

We have worked together to create synergies between the PhD Plus and the MBA program across the University research community. His insights into the inner workings of the organization, how to best navigate through the challenges, and his focus on accomplishing win win goals inspire me to want to do more to advance the practices of business education. My recurring question is "why not try", Riccardo's mantra response is "let's get started now and this is how we can do it". 

Riccardo is a true entrepreneur in the sense that he applies his practical insights to innovating higher education, an area that is typically resistant to change. He clearly demonstrates how effective he can be at breaking through barriers and getting to the essence of the value and focusing everyone clearly on moving the projects forward.


Leader and motivator

Riccardo is my course coordinator. During the MBA period Riccardo has been always available for discussion and feedback at any time. He is a very good leader and motivator, he ensures that the students are regularly being challenged to grow and learn, providing tools and advisers that guarantee that students are constantly pushing the envelope of their potential and professional growth. 

His strengths come from a depth understanding of the success factors to develop leadership, business generation projects and teamwork topics.


Good motivator

Agriculturalist, Consultant and Investment Analyst

Riccardo was my course coordinator and tutor of my project work. During the period he helped to bring out the best and above all he is good motivator

Vijayakumar Shanmugam - INDIA


Riccardo went beyond and above the call of duty as a professor to teach his students the dynamics of business.His main focus was alternative but effective strategies.I recommend him without any hesitation for consulting,mentorship and training.

Edward Obi - NIGERIA
Law Firm Partner

Team working, strategic and problem solving skills

I have had the opportunity to get yo know and collaborate with Riccardo several years ago. He is a person unquestionable from a human point of view, Riccardo is a real professional with team working, strategic and problem solving skills. He is very prepared and always up to date on things. Riccardo has managed to share a sense of strength and determination that have led him to be a concrete, dependable and credible professional in his field. It has been a real pleasure to collaborate with him and I strongly advice his work as consultant.

Claudio Petroni - ITALY
Web Marketing Consultant, SEO & SEM Specialist, PA Trainer

Logistic service far more superior compared to other vendors

Mr. Samit S. Naik is the sole decision maker for our contract and its implementation. We have received a prompt distribution and logistics service from him, as he is his company’s active and responsible manager. As per our staff’s reviews’ and comments’ he has always been in good communication before and after every dispatch and distribution. The logistic service provided has been far more superior compared to the other vendors’. The delivery of goods has been in time and there have been no complaints’ during our contract period. Mr. Samit S. Naik has always helped us for a successful procurement and storage process of raw materials for our building construction sites

Pathak Construction

Eclectic and intuitive

I have met Riccardo many years ago when his company found a skilled professional employment at Biagioli for me. 

For a series of successful circumstances we stayed in touch and I was able to attend his professional development. 

He is an eclectic person, he has the ability to carry his passions in his profession, thanks to his intuition. And I think this a considerable fortune that not everyone has. 

Riccardo is a detail-orientated individual with a passion for anything he does. He is a bright and dynamic individual with innovative ideas and an excellent work ethic. 

His professionalism and his experience will lead him very far 

I would have no problems recommending Riccardo for any position or activity he may pursue and wish him the best in all her future endeavours.

Barbara Milani - ITALY
Marketing, Sales & Communication presso 2ndQuadrant Italia

Diligent and innovative

Samit is diligent and at the same time innovative. He is determined and principled student. He is creative and possesses a zeal for learning new things. I strongly feel that his first rate analytical and grasping power will prove to be an asset for him in his pursuit of higher studies. He has consistently proven to be capable of shouldering any responsibilities and fulfil any task assigned to him. Being flexible he realizes the mistakes of choice and reverts to reconsider his choices more systematically. He takes criticism in his stride and does not hesitate to seek guidance and advice. He possesses effective communication skills and do posses command over his core subjects. Samit is a social person maintaining good relations with all his fellow students and the staff members.

Salil Deshpande
Engineering Professor

Generating value added

... to me the best definition for Riccardo is the one of 'value added' for  his professional skills, speed of action, dedication and knowing how to really handle different perspectives and operate within different fields ... to summarize:  lucky the people that are going to work with Riccardo or have him as a colleague or consultant or, better yet, a friend; a person like him represents integrity, dedication and great professional skills.



I have known Riccardo for several years both personally and professionally as we have both worked at Fabio Perini S.p.A. in the past. Riccardo is a very enterprising person, a capable decision maker with a strong ability for getting along with people. In the years I have worked with him, I have seen him tackle projects with great spirit of initiative, pro-activeness and a positive outlook

Walter Tamarri - ITALY
Marketing & Communication at A.Celli Group

In depth knowledgeable on the subject matter

Was a pleasure working with Riccardo. A real expert on his matter. More specifically he supported us to coach a management team involved in strategy communication. Riccardo helped the management team members, to create a compelling approach for engaging the team, improving the communication effectiveness and contributing to the successful execution of the overall strategy plan.

Filippo Monastra - ITALY
Chief of Staff at Ubiquity

Creative, knowledgeable thinker and writer

I have found Riccardo to be a very creative and knowledgeable thinker and writer. When he commits himself to a project or an outcome, it will be accomplished. Riccardo is also a very driven individual who adheres to the highest values. He opened many doors for me in Italy, and without him I would have never found them and I’m thankful for that.

Meir Russ - USA
Professor at UW-Green Bay

Loyal, cooperative with strong attitude towards leadership

Riccardo is a very clever and creative specialist in human resources and entrepreneurial organisation. He always studies and writes very interesting articles on management behaviour and change chances. He is loyal and cooperative, but he has a strong attitude to the leadership of the group. He loves to be a counsellor and to discuss every aspect of a topic and or problem.

Co Owner e Amministratore Unico di ALFA RICERCHE & SVILUPPO SRL

Deep understating of the business environment over the world

Riccardo's module is one of the most impressive module during my MBA program in Pisa. He always came to class with his best effort and passion and he supported us to contribute to the lesson with our own experience and knowledge with his respect to the multinational environment. Moreover, he has a very deep understanding about the business environment over the world at this moment. Therefore, his lessons are really useful and attractive to us.

Tu Minh Nguyen - VIETNAM
Head of Analysis- Investment Banking- TPBank