Karting as an intense way to push talents and learn about competition...

On track at Coimbatore today. Fantastic weather, sun with a little bit of clouds to somewhat spare me from a sunburn. The wind was also strong and enjoyable! I just love to see little friends that out of the track are the sweetest and most joyful and playful kids and on the track become determined and aggressive (within the rules!) able to battle until the checkered flag by a mere 0.039 seconds!


What a great way to learn about the healthy way to begin understanding and thriving on competition! Nowadays more than ever competition is necessary, is a way of life to push ourselves to improve and become the very best we can be (that must be the direction of the process, not the other way around).


The energy and smile of a kid after a win is priceless! This is a dangerous sport, no doubt, yet it gives to us passionate about racing so much more than simply 'a day at the track'. Yes, it is all about winning or at least keep improving yourself; but it is also an individual sport where you don't go far if don't learn to be a team player and respect your competitors off and or track. Always flat-out! Of course!