August 2015: Donington Park, UK. Formula E tests from Mahindra Racing pitlane
August 2015: Donington Park, UK. Article directly from the Media Center "Formula E live from Donigton: performance, efficiency & entertainment. Mahindra's innovation case"
June 2015: Roaring Champions Drag Race India
April 2015: at Top Marques supercar show in Motecarlo
April 2015: at Montecarlo, getting ready for the upcoming Formula E eprix and F1 Grand Prix
January 2015: The Valley Run. The Top International Drag Race in India.
August 2014: Riccardo tests a NASCAR at the DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY (video)
August 2014: Riccardo tests a NASCAR at the DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY (photos)
April 2014: our book INNOVATION FULL THROTTLE! (italian edition) reaches McLaren headquarters in Woking with Eric Bouiller!
March 20th 2014: Riccardo Paterni presents at the Motorsport TV show 'Starting Grid' the italian edition of the book 'Innovation full throttle! From one hundred years of Motorsport the fuel to organizational innovation' (english edition upcoming)
March 11th 2014: a new section of the book 'Innovation full throttle!' (italian edition) is published in free ebook format. The section points out the Talent Managemt Innovations that Ayrton Senna brought to Motorsport 
January 26th 2014: presentation of the Italian edition of our book 'Innovation full Throttle!' at the Motor Circus Show in Brescia - ITALY (during the Formula 2000 light 2013 awards cerimony and 2014 championship introduction)
January 25th and 26th 2014: we partecipate with our team to the Valley Run Race, Ambavane Pune INDIA. Samit will be at the wheel too ( BMW 740i )
November 30th 2013: Livestreaming video interview and debate regarding the book (italian edition)
November 30th 2013: book presentation at the Gorizia MotorXmas Italy 
October 5th 2013: Monza, Formula 2000 light 2013 Championship final race and our book presentation
July 27th 2013: Misano track, Italy. Premiere Presenation of the Italian Edition of our New Book: "Innovation full throttle!" (soon available also in english and spanish).                                                    
Within the audience also:
June 2013: Formula Modena testing at the Modena Track
June 2013: Formula Modena video presenting the key features and the Modena Track

If you want to develop a professional international motor sport career, pursuing your passion through top level testing and racing at any age, we have a full network of services ready to be customised to your needs. Our goal is to make sure that the investment you make receives the maximum return in the form of recognition at home, as well as, internationally. Our network is made of professionals that have been operating in the field for decades. Please consult the presentation of our services and contacts in the link : Download the full program and contacts. You can also consult and receive updates in the field made by our project and media contact in India, Darshan Chokhani ;  'Motorsport India & World' channel. 

* Top teams & drivers for training, testing and racing beginning with karting and stepping up to single seaters and other categories. Their experience and indepth technical expertise (along with the lastes tecnological tools to assist you on track) will be a unique component to your training, testing and racing experience;

* Parters that have been working on the athletic and mental fitness of racing drivers from karting to Formula 1. This is an integrated customized service to out program.

* successful professional race driving comes from self knowledge driven by real high standards;

* high performance comes from leveraging upon international experience of the very best;

* to develop the necessary skills to be part of a top racing team and improve the overall driver-engineer communication skills;

* to increase the overall driving mindset by learning from and about the very historic core of motor racing 


*  Siena International Track in the hearth of beautiful Tuscany less than two hours driving from the heart of Italian (and globa) top cars manufacturers: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Maserati.

*  Fast, challenging technical and the site of many popular international races.


*  Several top racing tracks in Italy characterized by modern layouts and infrasctructures. Tracks utilizided also for racing and testing for sevel categories up to Formula 1. 

A unique International Motorsport Academy set to develop your karting and single seaters and GT career from all of the perspectives needed: driving, technical, fitness, network development, sponsors & finance, career management.

* driving skills training based on technique and technology (know how to do it and why);

* experience first hand the european standards in terms of tracks and competition;

* recognize and concretely push forward your driving, physical and athletic potential with international professionals and trainers.

* program sessions are organized in groups of drivers at customized times throughout the year.

* utilize internationally top rated equipment and technology (karts and single seaters formulas);

* step-by-step training: from the essence of theoretical basis to a customized experience on track; 

* operate within a positive racing atmosphere to stimulate a concrete self-development as driver and person contributing to improve professional communication skills at the technical and public relations level.

* Boost your performance matching it to the highest standards;

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* Develop international connections and make the first concrete step towards YOUR INTERNATIONAL CAREER THAT WE CAN MANAGE AND DEVELOP WITH YOU AND FOR YOU;

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