Synergy Pathways identity has always been leveraging upon values of creativity, diversity and learning. Those are values that have characterized our Motorsport Academy projects during the last ten years. 

Throughout the years we have been focusing on refining our skills and network in order to concretely make it more effective than ever in identifying, developing and sharing skillsets that are relevant to motorsport action. Action on track and action behind the scenes. 

We are dedicated to the development of skills and mindsets relevant to motorsport action and activities. For its very nature the past, present and future of motorsport represent a unique mix of topics operating in innovative synergies relevant to technologies, business development and the humanities. 

We have an array of personal and professional backgrounds that we integrate in synergy to shape effective unique learning projects.

We are used to work as a synergic team, ready to customise with you learning projects that leverage on motorsport heritage, past, present and future. Here the introduction to our profiles and competencies.

For queries please contact us at this link.


Riccardo Paterni, Synergy Pathways co-founder, operates in the field of business development, he is co-founder and VP of Business Development and Manager for RPM (a network of motorsport industry Italian SMEs); author of articles and books leveraging on motorsport heritage to convey concepts and practices relevant to innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship and teamwork also in international universities settings.


Samit Naik, Synergy Pathways co-founder, focuses on business development as well: technical and organisational projects linking Italy and India relevant to automotive and motorsport innovation and racing. During the last few years through the focus on niche automotive projects Samit has developed a meaningful network with the echelon of Indian motorsport and automotive heritage.


Alberto Giorgio was born in a motorsport family, both his father and his mother have been affirmed racers. Himself an experienced amateur race driver, he has been involved in the organization of motorsport events, sponsorship projects, public relations and business related activities for over 30 years. He is keen on technological developments and he has been collecting for years vintage road and racing cars.


Silvio Pederzini is a vintage racing cars collector and restorer, mostly focusing on 1970s technology. He works with experienced professional technicians for mint detailed results that give new life to his cars. His deep humanistic knowledge blends and supports the technical one relevant to all the projects he endeavours.


Dr.Tim Angus has been active on research and consulting work in the field of motorsport business ecosystem during the last twenty years. He is co-author of the seminal book ‘Motorsport going global’. He his a fellow senior researcher at the University of Coventry in the UK. His expertise spans from the Motorsport Valley in the UK to the Italian Motorvalley.

It is a unique innovative mental training program, originating from applied research with top Formula 1 and other drivers. More information about the roots, protocols and ways to utilise the  program at the sister company MindUP Srl.

May 2024: Grand Prix Historique Monaco 2024 source of inspiration ...

March 2024: RaceX driving center inaugurated

October 2023: FIA Karting World Championship in Franciacorta Italy, action time!

September 2023: Qarrar Firhand continues its progressive growth on the track... all as per MindUP Enhancement Psychology ® program...

May 2023: A purely talent driven motorsport career to the top and timeless values to individual growth: Thierry Boutsen 

May 2023: Trackside action time at Cremona karting track for the WSK!

April 2023: MindUP Enhancement Psychology ® at the Proracing Motorsport Academy Camp organised by Athletica 

March 2023: Riccardo Paterni together on a TV show focusing on health and performance with Lorenzo Baldassarri

February 2023: The professional and mental growth of our karting athlete Qarrar Firhand continues supported by our sister company MindUP Enhancement Psychology ® 

October 2022: Qarrar Firhand's ascent phase continues supported by MindUP Enhancement Psychology ® 

October 2022: Relevant international stage for Qarrar Firhand’s talent development supported by MindUP Enhancement Psychology ® integrated mental training 

August 2022: MindUP Integrated Mental Training for very young athletes: the combination of performance, psychological and educational development thanks to Enhancement Psychology in karting 

August 2022: Historic Minardi Day 2022! Present with a GRS S74 Hart recently totally restored

April 2022: Riccardo Paterni back on a proper karting track after four years! 

April 2022 : The New Era of Individual and Organizational Performance to Create Innovation and Value 

january 2022:  Riccardo Paterni becomes member to the Ruote Classiche Club Prato

January 2022: The Italian classic motorsport magazine 'Paddock' features a reportage about MindUP: "Brain Power"

Novembre 2021: MindUP - Enhancement Psychology: Integrated Mental Training in motorsport focused on performance and driven by data for the enhancement of individual skills 

August 2021: MindUP at Historic Minardi Day 2021

August 2021: MindUP in search of young karting talents

July 2021: The motorsport rooted mental training program MindUp is launched 

February 2021: Synergy Pathways and Redway Technologies shaping motorsport driven innovation in human performance improvement

April 2020Webinar Motorsport Industry Culture and Careers Indian University NMINS

August 2015: Donington Park, UK. Formula E tests from Mahindra Racing pitlane
August 2015: Donington Park, UK. Article directly from the Media Center "Formula E live from Donigton: performance, efficiency & entertainment. Mahindra's innovation case"
June 2015: Roaring Champions Drag Race India
April 2015: at Top Marques supercar show in Motecarlo
April 2015: at Montecarlo, getting ready for the upcoming Formula E eprix and F1 Grand Prix
January 2015: The Valley Run. The Top International Drag Race in India.
August 2014: Riccardo tests a NASCAR at the DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY (video)
August 2014: Riccardo tests a NASCAR at the DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY (photos)
April 2014: our book INNOVATION FULL THROTTLE! (italian edition) reaches McLaren headquarters in Woking with Eric Bouiller!
March 2014: Riccardo Paterni presents at the Motorsport TV show 'Starting Grid' the italian edition of the book 'Innovation full throttle! From one hundred years of Motorsport the fuel to organizational innovation' (english edition upcoming)
March 2014 : A new section of the book 'Innovation full throttle!' (italian edition) is published in free ebook format. The section points out the Talent Managemt Innovations that Ayrton Senna brought to Motorsport 
January 26th 2014: presentation of the Italian edition of our book 'Innovation full Throttle!' at the Motor Circus Show in Brescia - ITALY (during the Formula 2000 light 2013 awards cerimony and 2014 championship introduction)
January 25th and 26th 2014: we partecipate with our team to the Valley Run Race, Ambavane Pune INDIA. Samit will be at the wheel too ( BMW 740i )
November 2013: Livestreaming video interview and debate regarding the book (italian edition)
November 2013: book presentation at the Gorizia MotorXmas Italy 
October 2013: Monza, Formula 2000 light 2013 Championship final race and our book presentation
July 2013:  Misano track, Italy. Premiere Presenation of the Italian Edition of our New Book: "Innovation full throttle!" (soon available also in english and spanish).                                                    
Within the audience also:
June 2013: Formula Modena testing at the Modena Track
June 2013: Formula Modena video presenting the key features and the Modena Track