Organizational Development & Innovation

We focus on integrated services relevant to the overall identification and development of organizational's identity driven by organizational's unique assets and talent development. Awareness and leveraging on identity is what makes products and services offered unique and attuned to markets.

Identity, as defined by the Gallup organisation, is composed by three factors that we help the client to recognise: purpose, brand, and culture. Once that identity is elaborated we shape and support its deployment within inner dynamics (fundamental to generate a sense of belonging and strengthen the organisation) and outer dynamics (cooperating with a marketing or PR agency trusted by our clients).

We support the entire effort to define and improve a proper organisational flow at all levels of the organisation. We do that by setting-up, implementing and managing the structural 'hardware' of the organisational dynamics as well as the 'software' relevant to the people. In the process we ensure that that they have proper roles of growth in which they can maximise the expression of their strengths and express their full potential.

All of this is developed in order to establish an environment fostering the elaboration and expression of innovative products and services (original and concretely appreciated and sought-after by the market).

A next possible step is to leverage upon the awareness of identity and analysis completed in order to expand into foreign markets in a way readily effective and efficient. For that see our Services relevant to International Business Development.

Additionally we bring innovation to the identification and development of human potential in organizations through the scientifically based Data Driven and Performance Focused method offered by our sister company Mind Up Enhancement Psychology

We work with top management on a customised program (attuned to all of the factors relevant to the history, present and desired future) which target is to articulate an answer to the following question: "Why we do exist and why are we here?" 

The unfolding of this process leverages upon the original roots and values of the organisation to ensure a more focused and effective present as well as a more concrete vision towards the future. 

As an evolution of the program developed with top management we focus still with top management on answering to the following questions: "who we are" and "what we promise to the outside world".

At this stage, focusing on identifying the organisational brand does not mean a marketing focus, rather something that goes further down to the actual core, the actual 'soul' of the organisation. This is the stage when the uniques of the organisation comes to surface.

This stage of the project with top management focuses on answering to the question: "how we do things around here" to reach our purpose and sustain our brand.

Culture is a powerful instrument of change and development within an organisation and the program focuses on its development utilising dynamics relevant to top-down, bottom-up and integrated approaches.

Our approach is integrated by a specific a scientifically based innovative method offered by our sister company Mind Up Enhancement Psychology; a data-driven, performance focused protocol set to boost individual and organisational performance.

The focus of this phase is on an integrated approach on structural 'hardware' (the proper flow of organisational roles, functions and procedures) and operational 'software' (proper leveraged use of the so called soft skills: leadership, communication, effective teamwork, effective involvement and engagement at all levels of the organisation).

Once again the approach involves programs that are top-down, bottom-up and an integration of the two perspectives.

Overall, at this stage, a strategic and operational alignment with the output of the previous phases is purposefully generated.

Once that the organisation has reached the stage of development and awareness through the previous Phases, the focus of the entire organisational system can have innovation as a target. 

Innovation relevant to product and services as well as organisational characteristics. An effective, efficient and implement flow of the previous Phases outputs sets the organisation to fully recognise that innovation relates to creativity and original ideas that must create value added by solving problems or generating value to clients.

We have developed a particular expertise on innovation because of the studies, research and network relevant to a work-in-progress book "Fast Track Innovation. Motorsport and Automotive Management Inspiring Organisational and Process Innovation in Business". To note that the Motorsport Industry we focus on (see specific section reachable through the Home page) relates to the way the industry generates concrete innovation value added and suits itself to know-how transfer towards other ones.

The reached organisational awareness relevant to its inner dynamics as well as the projection towards outer ones, sets a stage for a concrete implementation of an International Business Development process (see Services section).
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