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30/11/2018 - Dino Paoli Srl, its 50th anniversary and the Italian motorsport ecosystem
It was our pleasure to participate to the celebration event marking the 50th anniversary of Dino Paoli Srl .An Italian company that ( continues at this link )
26/11/2018 - Delivering the Goods: E?commerce Logistics Transformation
Delivering the Goods: E?commerce Logistics Transformation ( in depth article )
24/11/2018 - Unleashing the power of communication: the power of asking vs telling
The life-changing art of hashtagasking instead of hashtagtelling. The power of asking the right questions ...?(Quartz at Work article)
21/11/2018 - Carbon Fiber and Electric Batteries Possible Game Changer Link
Future hashtagelectric cars could store energy in carbon fiber bodies (in depth article)instead of batteries
19/11/2018 - Talent Identification and Development made easy
New Ways to Gauge hashtagtalent development and identification (MIT SLOAN article)
17/11/2018 - Digital technologies set to radically reshape fashion business models
The future of fashion (The Economist report) 
15/11/2018 - Work and family, marked dynamics to be aware of...
How Our Careers Affect Our Children  Work Life Balance quality time vs quantity time(HBR article)
08/11/2018 - Leveraging on meaning to develop organizations
Nowadays leadership is about identifying & sharing a sense of meaning & purpose: essential to generate & guide the focus, energy, learning and active commitment needed at any level of the...
04/11/2018 - The latest index relevant to ease of doing business internationally
The latest ranking relevant to the ease of doing business internationally (World Economic Forum report)
02/11/2018 - Talent management and retaining talent is going to be more relevant than ever in workplaces enriched by Artificial Intelligence
Preparing for the Coming hashtagSkills Shifts . hashtagTalent management focusing on retaining talent is going to be more relevant than ever with workplaces permeated by Artificial Intelligence (MIT...
01/11/2018 - Leveraging on oneself out of the comfort zone ...
Pharrell Williams on How Taking a Risk Led to 'Happy,' the Biggest Hit of His Career. Getting out of the comfortzone for career boosting ... hashtag(article)
25/10/2018 - The changing nature of employing and managing talent remotely
In the future, companies won’t hire remote employees . They will hire #remote teams(Quartz article) 
21/10/2018 - Carbon fiber structure as electric vehicles energy source?
Electric cars could store energy in the carbon fiber bodies ...(technical article)
16/10/2018 - Leadership skills for the turbulent times of the future
Leading into the future. Leadership skills for turbulent times ...(MIT Sloan article)
14/10/2018 - The high risks of letting hierarchy overpower technical expertise at the wrong time ...
Toto Wolff trying to stay out of Mercedes F1 team strategy calls - ( Autosport article )
12/10/2018 - Automotation and the shifts that will create in the workplace
What We Often Get Wrong About Automation. Workforce upcoming shifts. hashtag( Harvard Business Review article )
11/10/2018 - Going beyond 'taking perspectives' for effective teamwork
Research: Perspective-Taking Doesn’t Help You Understand What Others Want. Interesting research to understand the complexities of hashtagcommunication hashtag within diversity...
04/10/2018 - Develop agility in organizations by effectively leveraging on organizational culture
Consider Culture When Implementing Agile Practices hashtahashtag(MIT article)
28/09/2018 - YCom 10 years celebration in international Motorsport development
Congratulations to Nicola Scimeca , Mario Saccone and the entire hashtag#Ycom team for the hashtag#ycom10years celebration. A fantastic meaningful hashtag#Motorsport atmosphere and meaningful speech...
28/09/2018 - Key strategic and operational levers powerful to the growth of any organization
The key levers to organizational development and lasting results( Harvard Business Review article )
27/09/2018 - China new perspectives on innovation
China's Quantum Future - innovation, what's next( article published on Foreign Affairs Magazine )
19/09/2018 - In modern technologically advanced automotive manufacturing the human factor maintains its relevance
In a world of robots, carmakers are hiring more humans ( Bloomberg article )
14/09/2018 - The Science behind Making Supercars ... a new book on the past, present and future of this unique industry
Published a few days ago. Past, present and future of a fascinating topic to many of us; a topic bound to increasingly capture specialized and generalist headlines  ( book abstract ) hashtag
13/09/2018 - Blockchain as a tool to develop strategy within organizations
Leveraging on hashtagblockchain tools for hashtagorganizational hashtagstrategy development   (MIT Sload article)
07/09/2018 - Developing an organizational culture rooted in data
Why does data culture matter? Insights relevant for any organization( McKinsey article )
03/09/2018 - Additive manufacturing spreads its reach of action and appeal
How additive manufacturing can add value - ? #Formula1 #3Dprinting #fasttrackbook #additivemanufacturing #WilliamsF1 #EOS in 2016 made it 'mainstream'; many things have developed...
02/09/2018 - Agile teams effectiveness and leadership
Agile hashtagteams can be effective in any organization yet do require a coherent, determined and involving leadership ...(Harvard Business Review article)
31/08/2018 - Emerging innovation dynamics in China
Emerging hashtag#innovation dynamics in hashtag#China(MIT SLOAN article)
24/08/2018 - The leverage of feedback to performance done right ...
When we talk about hashtag#performance hashtag#feedback some key classic basic foundations remain the essence ...(MIT Sloan in depth article)
26/07/2018 - Leverage on integrity
The hashtag#integrity factor ... not always easy to play with but it makes you feel stronger no matter what the game result is ...(article)
12/07/2018 - Global Innovation Index 2018; China and India on the rise
China reaches the top 20 list of the Global Innovation Index 2018, India climbs up progressively too  ( The 2018 Index ) 
04/07/2018 - Leveraging in problem solving and decision making
Pragmatically #leveraging on #diversity through awareness, respect and understanding that any perspective counts to have a full rounded vision of things ...(article: Your challenge as a leader is to...
29/06/2018 - Digital transformation empowered by organizational culture and strategy
#Strategy and #culture , not just tech, drive #digitaltransformation . Technology is an enabling tool and channel to progress, not the driver to it(article: Strategy and culture, not just tech, drive...
25/06/2018 - Le Mans 24 Hours Innovation Edge
(by Riccardo Paterni, article already published on June 25th 2018 in
23/06/2018 - Leveraging effectively on performance reviews
#performancereviews leveraged on #objectivity , not easy but through awareness is possible ...(in depth article)
23/06/2018 - Motorsport takes center stage at an International Conference on Knowledge Management and Innovation
Motorsport takes center stage within an international knowledge management conference (KM2018) organized by the International Institute of Applied Knowledge Management and held at the University of...
20/06/2018 - Developing business partnerships with Indian or Chinese startups
Partnering with #startups in #India or #China requires a careful approach differentiated not simply by #cultural perspectives , different #government policies focusing on #ecosystem development do...
19/06/2018 - Business growth through a business analytics and creativity balancing act
The most perfect union: Unlocking the next wave of growth by unifying #creativity and #analytics . Companies that harness creativity and data in tandem have #growth rates twice as high as companies...
18/06/2018 - Management lessons from Motorsport and Pirelli's complex F1 operations
Managing #Formula1 tires is a complex job, here’s how #Pirelli does it #problemsolving in pure #motorsport style ...(in depth article)
15/06/2018 - Managing Differences in Global Teams
#learn #listen #ask to #identify #cultural #differences(3 ways to identify cultural differences in a global team)
10/06/2018 - Leveraging on accountability to develop organisations
Leading a Culture of Accountability #accountability begins with a #mindset and it needs to spread from the very top of the organization by managing with full scope and awareness on a few critical...
10/06/2018 - A holistic approach to Electric Vehicles and the future of mobility
A #holistic approach to #ElectricVehicles development (Tesla & Beyond: A holistic approach to to Electric Vehicles & Future Mobility Ecosystems)
08/06/2018 - Motorsport: Cosworth towards IPO
#Cosworth , famed British engineering house, eyes #IPO(more on the topic...)
04/06/2018 - Teamwork overpowers Talent ...
#Talent Wins Games, #Teamwork Wins Championships Talent that is not synergic can actually represent a barrier to winning championships ...(Talent Wins Games, Teamwork Wins...
28/05/2018 - Country readiness for future production 2018
#Readiness #Future of #Production Report 2018 - World Economic Forum - #technology and #humancapital play synergic roles driven by factors that matter to any country ...(World Economic Forum Report)
26/05/2018 - New opportunities for human/machine cooperation
#human and #computers interaction is set to open new #opportunities for #cooperation on many different levels and roles(MIT article)
24/05/2018 - A powerful way to boost self-awareness
Contexts that stimulate actual #selfawareness and its development... it is the depth not the breadth of foreign traveling that counts(How living abroad helps you develop a clearer sense of self)
24/05/2018 - Digital transformation; the many ways it impacts any organisation
What is #digitaltransformation? Everything you need to know about how technology is reshaping business. Interesting #summary on a topic relevant to any organisation(What is digital transformation?)
18/05/2018 - Building the right ecosystem for innovatoin
#adaptive #ecosystems as powerful leverages for #innovation(Building the right ecosystem for innovation)
15/05/2018 - Upgrading or reconceptualising a business model for effective disruption
Business models are key channels for effective disruption (You probably need to rework your business model. Here is how)
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