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12/01/2020 - China and India demographics across time and their impact
China and India demographics are diverging and this will determine relevant social and economic impacts ...( Visual Capitalist magazine article )
09/01/2020 - Going to the roots of motorsport business research and development
During Austosport International 2020 Riccardo Paterni (RPM VP Business Development), Dr Tim Angus (RPM Board Advisor and UK Representative), Giorgio Casolari (RPM VP Network Develpment) and...
03/01/2020 - China: what's next in 2020...
A study by Mckinsey & Co. focuses on the factors shaping 2020 for China( McKinsey & Co. article )
30/12/2019 - China: what's next in 2020. Opinion ...
China is set to face a quite involving 2020 with direct and indirect global impacts ...
22/12/2019 - Happy Holidays and Prosperous 2020 !
16/12/2019 - The future of mobility from the latest McKinsey & Co. research report ...
The many perspectives and variables that make mobility one of the most dynamic and complex topics from a technology as well as business perspective. This integrated overall McKinsey & Co. report...
14/12/2019 - A new framework for management
Management, as way to understand and channel business towards shifting market opportunities, needs to undergo radical changes relevant to the entire framework of thought and action it is operating...
10/12/2019 - Nowadays effective business mindset
Nowadays a whole new perspective is needed to cope and thrive within the international dynamics of economic and societal changes, it all leverages upon a mindset able to recognise and generate...
07/12/2019 - 'Asian tigers economies' coming of age at unavoidable crossroads of change
Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan are going through times of relevant changes that need to face with a sense of social and economic evolution ...( The Economist article )
03/12/2019 - Itinera Consulting: let's the journey begin!
A synergic experienced team of professionals focusing on finding and developing opportunities for you in complex high potential international contexts . 
30/11/2019 - Why Agility and Resilience are more important then ever in leadership
Agility and resilience are two fundamental transversal behavioural traits that are more relevant then even within the dynamic complexities of digital ecosystems ...( European Business Review article )
15/11/2019 - BRICS countries and their current developments
BRICS countries have reached new stateless of development that appear even more complex then expected ...( DW magazine article )
08/11/2019 - The top skills for the future go well beyond the technology field ...
The most relevant skills of the future put an even greater emphasis on the human factor ...( Forbes article )
04/11/2019 - A next phase for professional motorsport in the US after a key deal
It is a relevant business deal that is set to shake the US motorsport scenario and is driven by Roger Penske a legendary reference in global motorsport ( Bloomberg article )
31/10/2019 - Synergy Pathways at the Motorsport Games with RPM network
It has been a pleasure to be present at the Motorsport Games in Rome to represent the RPM network together with companies part of the network that have taken key technical roles in making this unique...
27/10/2019 - Going beyond the faults of short-termism in economic and social development
Global goals for sustainable development have been set and identified, it is important to share them and contribute to work for their achievement ( World Economic Forum article )
19/10/2019 - Taking negotiation and business relationships to a more effective level
Negotiation, mostly when is complex and involving intercultural aspects, can be brought to a much deeper level of understanding, development and effective achievement ...( EuropeanBusinessReview...
13/10/2019 - Relevant trends in today's global business development
Todays' factors to global economic development are characterised by 5 fundamental trends( World Economic Forum article )
11/10/2019 -
We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to have been represented in a China trade show  in which RPM network took part within Autopromotec's "Mission to China" initiative. The event was...
06/10/2019 - Dynamics of circular economics enter progressively a changing automative industry
A progressively disrupted automotive industry enters the dynamics of the circular economy with BMW ( GreenBiz magazine )
25/09/2019 - International business development requires integration and synergy
... developing integrated ways, and global professional ties, to serve clients' growth needs in many concrete and focused manners. ( Stay tuned )
20/09/2019 - The present and future of Asia’s economic and social dynamics
An articulated summarized view to current and future asian business and social dynamics.( McKinsey article )
18/09/2019 - Clean energies momentum
Clean energies are taking momentum in their development in several fields and applications.( article )
15/09/2019 - Entrepreneurship and start-ups in India are taking new empowerment
Young Indian generations are taking on stronger than ever entrepreneurship and start-ups focus ( Economic Times of India article )
14/09/2019 - Can the effective use of artificial intelligence revive retail business?
There are many practical operational and strategic ways in with Artificial Intelligence tools and approaches can revive the retail field on an international scale ( TechReplublic article )
13/09/2019 - Change is consistent; a mindset shift is its positive progressive fuel
Lately it has been noted that the very nature of consistent change (also in business) is changing. There are new social and cultural dynamics that play relevant roles ...( FastCompany article )
08/09/2019 - Developing digital business internationally
Interesting raking index regarding the easiness to digital business development across the globe( HBR article )
28/08/2019 - The road to India's sustainable and consistent economic growth begin with awareness
While the GDP growth level continues to stay strong, there are many signs of the actual economy made of small and middle enterprises that point out a need for target prompt governmental reformative...
27/08/2019 - Artificial Intelligence and its multiple potential impacts on economic growth
Artificial Intelligence can have multiple impacts on economic growth from several perspectives.  ( WebProNews Article )
25/08/2019 - Architectural designs that are shaping out present and future across the world
Architectural design is a powerful force that shapes our daily lives: a broad global perspective regarding the present and the future ( article from AD magazine )
25/08/2019 - A powerful entrepreneurial mindset in a nutshell
The right mental approach in terms of strategy and tactics in a meaningful summary ( Entrepreneur magazine article )
22/08/2019 - Within a very complex current scenario automotive can envision a profitable future ...
An interesting view on the automotive fast changing scenario from a World Economic Forum research  ( review the article )
16/08/2019 - IT as strategic asset in value creation
More then ever Information Technology can have a strategic role in value creation, it all goes through an agile mindset put to work ...( McKinsey article )
11/08/2019 - B2B platform economies are reaching a new level of development; relevant case studies from Germany
B2B platform economies are reaching a new level of development in international business development and Germany is a concrete example of effective practices ( MIT Sloan article )
10/08/2019 - Anand Mahindra points out how India can become the electric vehicles hub for global automotive
India is progressively taking a more relevant role within electric vehicles development and manufacturing; Anand Mahindra focuses on these dynamics ( YS magazine India )
04/08/2019 - India & China are transforming the global geography of innovation
"According to the Global Innovation Index, India is the most innovative economy in Central & Southern Asia while China is home to 18 of the top 100 science & technology clusters."( from The...
28/07/2019 - Machine learning can markedly contribute to many transportation improvements.
How can machine learning be applied to improve transportation ?( Freight Waves article )
25/07/2019 - The tremendous generational potential of India is coming of age and it does require action. Higher skills needed.
India is running out of time to cash in on demographic dividend hashtagof youth that is in need for higher level skills.( Bloomberg article )
24/07/2019 - Start-up cities that will transform the global economy ...
The next start-up cities that will transform the global economy ( World Economic Forum Article )
21/07/2019 - Tesla automobiles and its developments in the world: what's next
The map of superchargers stations by Tesla is showing what's next in business development for the manufacturer.( Electrek article )
02/07/2019 - Top ten emerging technologies in 2019
The top ten emerging technologies that are shaping the dynamics and pace of innovation across the globe.( World Economic Forum article )
30/06/2019 - China's research and development on hydrogen powered vehicles
China focus on hydrogen powered vehicles as sustainable mobility is gaining momentum ...( Bloomberg article )
21/06/2019 - Key Dynamics Current Dynamics in Global Manufacturing
Current geopolitical strategies and frictions are markedly shaping new realities in manufacturing. Is the era of 'Made in China' over?( Bloomberg article )
16/06/2019 - What is actually needed for a sound vision of global business development ...
?It’s time for global businesses to accept local responsibility . Being truly global with a vision means to focus on caring for the local ... ( article from World Economic Forum reporting )
06/06/2019 - Tuscany and India ties in progressive development
The recently founded Toscana - India association has organised in Florence ( Confindustria Florence headquarters ) a conference to establish, empower and strengthen cultural, social and business ties...
02/06/2019 - Inside RIMAC. Is automotive next generation here already?
A behind the scenes view of Rimac, a glance into the workings of a company by a unique history that has already a marked direct and indirect influence in automotive ...( Motor Authority article )
01/06/2019 - New geo-political and economic dynamics that are reshaping global business
Relevant geo-political changes are reshaping key aspects that have a direct impact on the way global business development is reshaping; the impact can be considerable for organisations operating...
24/05/2019 - International retailing: luxury brands managing around counterfeiters
Some insights on how luxury brands can manage around counterfeiters ( Harvard Business Review article )
22/05/2019 - The Media Literacy Index can be considered a relevant overall educational indicator
Very interesting considerations can be drawn from the Media Literacy Index and the development of critical thinking skills ...( article from the World Economic Forum )
16/05/2019 - Motor Valley Fest; what's next for automotive and mobility. The speed factor...
The first edition of the Motor Valley Fest has begun with a conference held in Modena at municipal theatre named after Luciano Pavarotti. The Conference, focusing on the future of automotive, has...
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