The Classics Forum : source of powerful meanings also above and beyond the industry
Posted by Riccardo Paterni on 01/06/2024

The Classics Forum : source of powerful meanings also above and beyond the industry
It was a pleasure to attend this forum masterfully organized by Camillo Mekacher-Vogel and Michele Bertoncello : meaningful insights have been elaborated and presented through a smart active partnership between AssetClassic and McKinsey Growth, Marketing & Sales .
Next to me at one of the conference tables I was chatting about Motorsport, and specifically F1, to a courteous gentleman and his son: we where talking about Lewis Hamilton and the level of his possible commitment to Scuderia Ferrari F1 next year. I stated that next year it was going to be interesting to follow the growth of another top talent in the making: Andrea Kimi Antonelli, the gentleman looked at me in the eyes and stated: “May be a little bias on your side on that?” I stated “No bias, facts, unfolding fast” while I was appreciating the sense of professional objectivity of the gentleman, I was wondering about his background and profession.
I was not surprised when he walked on stage delivering a powerful heartfelt speech; Paul Polman in action. A speech related to the ideas and practices illustrated in his book NetPositive , a speech asking for powerful leadership action to ignite awareness and action, immediate action, to safeguard the present and future generations.
Thank you Paul for your speech, I m enjoying your book and I want to find ways to put those ideas into action as much as I can within the contexts I can reach and influence.
Our common passion for automotive and Motorsport can be a powerful fuel of resourceful insights to stimulate action for sustainable widespread progress. Let’s go for it!