The overall Motorsport Industry is increasingly becoming a reference for innovation and knowledge transfer utilised in many other sectors. Organisations such as McLaren Applied Technologies or Williams Advanced Engineering have been developing healthy business through projects related to this emerging field. 

We are currently researching the field, also through our work-in-progress book "Fast Track Innovation. Motorsport and Automotive Management Inspiring Organisational and Process Innovation in Business" and, together with colleagues in the United Kingdom as Dr. Tim Angus Honorary Research Fellow Centre for Business in Society Coventry University,  we are contributing to shape networks of business development within the industry including direct links to relevant international academic institutions.

We have introduced business concepts as ideas relevant to Motorsport Industry within the University of Pisa MBA program through meetings with supercar manufacturer, Luca Mazzanti, Manufacturer of the Mazzanti's Evantra and a presentation by the University of Pisa Formula Student programme. Dr.Angus has also made a presentation at the MBA focusing on the overall global Motorsport Industry with a particular reference to the United Kingdom one. Dr. Angus' presentation has been featured in the Italian edition of (inclusive of PDF slides).

In September 2016 we have made a presentation at Regent's University in London regarding the topic and involving case studies relevant also to Italian Motorsport companies.The title of the presentation was "MOTORSPORT INDUSTRY: DRIVING INNOVATION AND INDUSTRY DIVERSIFICATION" . The link features an introductory article to the presentation as well as  downloadable PDF slides and a relevant article published by the Italian edition of  (inclusive of the PDF slides).

At the link right below an additional article by with Gabriele Testi, journalist, we contributed to write on the Italian edition of by the title "This way McLaren and Williams are innovating the biomedical industry".

Given the presence of these dynamics, we utilise specific knowledge and networks to actively support the business growth of Motorsport Industry's organisations. We implement this through customised approaches to Organisational and International Business Development characterising our overall services.

Our area of expertise is in ‘the business of motorsport’. 

We have an extensive knowledge pool, and business network, within global motorsport and have a track record in delivering world-class motorsport projects and business development support for motorsport SME’s. (Small and Medium Enterprises)

Our offer helps your company to develop concrete business by:

  • helping you identify what your company does well and what it finds more challenging; 

  • becoming aware on whether you are leveraging your know-how to maximum effect. We will  firstly help you identify your know how and secondly help identify where else in the marketplace it could be used;

  • helping your company to identify new opportunities to utilise your know-how in new sectors of the marketplace;

  • offering detailed help with market research for new marketplaces;

  • helping your company to leverage at best on your brand in new markets;

  • helping you sell your know-how, and relevant products and services, into international markets by utilising our extensive global motorsport network;

  • helping you access sources of funding to fuel your company growth.

For further information and queries: Riccardo Paterni

It is our pleasure to welcome within the Synergy Pathways Motorsport Industry Dr. Tim Angus collaborating with us on projects relevant to Motorsport and Motorsport Industry analysis, research and developments on an international scale.

A summary of his expertise and experience follows:

Dr Tim Angus – Motorsport Industry consultant and Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University, UK.

Tim has been working in the field of motorsport for over 20 years. He completed a PhD on the Italian Motorsport Industry in 2001. Tim’s three main areas of research expertise within motorsport are:

policy research on the economic impact of motorsport (both sport and industry) for government;

market intelligence on motorsport for the sport’s governing bodies and trade associations, and;

targeted market research for the global motorsport industry.

Tim’s clients have included the UK Government (UK Trade and Investment, Department of Trade and Investment, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills), various UK Regional and local Development Agencies, the FIA and various ASN’s, as well as independent businesses in the global motorsport industry.

Tim’s work has been widely featured in the specialist motorsport press and mainstream media. He has also featured as an expert interviewee for BBC Radio, The Economist, The Telegraph and the Financial Times and is co-author of the leading book on the global industry of motorsport:

Tim Angus co-autor of the book:


The challenges facing the world Motorsport Industry.

This book provides the definitive economic study of the global motorsport industry. Drawing on a decade of research, and interviews with top industry executives and international commentators, the global grid of motorsport is analysed and world's national motorsport industries benchmarked. Motorsport Going Global concludes on scenarios for the global industry as it enters a new era of the market.

Tim has developed an unequalled knowledge of the real business of motorsport, having undertaken a wide range of research over the past twenty years. A short selection of this work is as follows:

  • The National Survey of UK Motorsport Engineering and Services 2000 (MIA)
  • The Italian Motorsport Industry (Economic and Social Research Council, 2001)
  • The Motorsport Industry in Northamptonshire (Northants Partnership, 2002-2003)
  • A Study of the UK Motorsport and Performance Engineering Cluster (DTI, 2002-2003)
  • The Motorsport Market in the USA (UKTI/British Chambers of Commerce, 2002)
  • The Motorsport Market in Italy (UKTI/British Chambers of Commerce, 2003-2004)
  • The Motorsport Market in Germany (UKTI/British Chambers of Commerce, 2003-2004)
  • The Motorsport Market in France (UKTI/British Chambers of Commerce, 2003-2004)
  • A Study of the Motorsport Industry in Coventry, Solihull and Warwick (CSW Partnership, 2005)
  • High Performance Engineering in Northamptonshire (Invest Northamptonshire, 2006)
  • Economic Impact of 2002 FIA British Grand Prix (Silverstone/DTI)
  • Review of UK’s Motorsport Valley Cluster (UK Government) (2013)
  • The UK’s Motorsport Industry Supply Chain (UK Government) (2014)
  • New research into two and four wheeled motorsport purchasing behaviour for high-end electronic products (2016)


We are among the organisers of the Italian Motorsport Network #AssociazioneMotorsportItalia that was introduced in Rome at a meeting among many players of the field on occasion of the first Rome ePrix in April 2018.

At this link news and pictures relevant to the meeting itself

At this link news and pictures relevant to an operational meeting held in June 2018

On June 20th 2018 Motorsport has taken center stage within an international knowledge management conference (KM2018) organized by the International Institute of Applied Knowledge Management and held at the University of Pisa.

Riccardo Paterni (co-founder of Synergy Pathways) together with Francesco Sedea (co-founder and General Manager of Aviorace) and Giovanni Delfino (founder and CEO of Autotecnicamotori Motori) outlined the unique ways in which the Motorsport Industry applies and develops its know-how enabling its sharing in other industries and the efficient and effective acceleration of innovation.

Thanks to the organizers and participants for giving us this opportunity to show enlightening perspectives on how Motorsport contributes to create value in racing and beyond. Much more to come about these topics, stay tuned... 

(more pictures and .pdf introduction to the session at this link)

On June 28th 2018, several companies from the Italian Motorsport Industry have gathered to proceed in structuring a meaningful network aiming to enhance the value generated by the Italian Motorsport Industry ecosystem towards global opportunities.  

The industry know-how needs to be fully valued within global projects regarding several fields: motorsport constantly evolving needs, automotive rapidly changing and evolving scenarios, as well as aerospace, defence, biomedical and other fields that can benefit from research & development generated by Motorsport companies and their capabilities to accelerate innovation processes.

The companies involved were SMEs (Small and Medium Size Enterprises), larger multinational corporations and global entities that are channelling and leveraging investments involving the ecosystem. 

The meeting was held at the facilities of one of the companies, YCom in Collecchio Parma (future meetings are also going to be held at facilities of member companies in order to stimulate practical ways to synergise activities) and represented a sought-after follow-up to a conference that was held in Rome last April in which opportunities and methods of business development for the Italian Motorsport ecosystem were outlined and debated (see article Il Motorsport Italiano Fa Sistema for an overview of that meeting). 

The network is now rapidly proceeding to structure itself while aiming directly to fulfil the action items agenda agreed upon. Activities are being implemented to stimulate deeper knowledge among the companies part of the network in order to facilitate synergies targeting international growth opportunities. 

Self-knowledge to fully leverage on the own assets, focus on developing far reaching synergies and determination for practical concrete action, represent three key traits shared within the network. Stay tuned for updates …  

The RPM (Rete Professionisti Motorsport) performance engineering network has been founded in Modena on March 12th 2019.

Several Italian motorsport industry companies, representing varied specific technical fields, are among the founding members spread across Italy from north to south of the peninsula. 

Coming up an event, concurrent to the Formula e ePrix in Rome in April, presenting officially the network, its purposes and development strategies. Stay tuned. 

The Founding

On 12 March 2019, the network of companies known as RPM (Rete Professionisti Motorsport – Motorsport Professional Network) was founded by a notary in Modena where the founding members of the network signed the deed of incorporation. The network is comprised of Italian companies and professionals operating globally in the manufacturing and service sectors of the Motorsport Industry.

The purpose of RPM is to create synergies between firms in order to enhance industry capability and to promote Italian Motorsport and performance engineering excellence throughout the world by generating innovation within the field of Motorsport and technologically related sectors. La Sapienza – Rome University and Pisa University are already strategically and operationally involved with the network in order to enhance and implement a research based approach to technological developments and organisational improvements within the rapidly changing global marketplace of motorsport and related sectors.

The First General Counsel

On 11 April 2019, the founding members of the network met in Rome on the occasion of the Formula E Rome ePrix for the first general formal counsel of the network. Organisational, operational and strategic pathways of development were set for the short, mid and long term. About twenty founding members, from the extreme north to the extreme south of Italy, representing various capabilities and component manufacturing in the field of Motorsport and related sectors, have begun the process to identify their core competencies and levers of excellence in order to create strong synergies of development within the network. Another aim of the network is to establish concrete national and international co-operation for business development for the industry. The timeless scenery offered by a Roman terrace was the setting for a social dinner following the general formal assembly. This was a great location to channel a sense of the talent and excellence of the industry through tradition, the present and the future in typical Italian style.

The First Public Conference

On 12 April 2019, in the timeless historical premises of La Sapienza University’s Engineering faculty, RPM launched its first public conference. The network was presented by tracing back to its roots, its present and future aims and these introductory contents were further articulated by specific specialists in their field. Francesco Sedea (RPM President), Riccardo Paterni (RPM Vice President of Business Development) and Giorgio Casolari (RPM Vice President of Network Development) moderated the debate that followed.

Engineer Luca Marmorini, from Marmotors Srl (a founding RPM member) briefly illustrated the pathway of technological developments that have linked and are linking Motorsport to the future of mobility. In particular he pointed out the traditional strength of Motorsport companies in harnessing prototyping by embracing with focus and flexibility the toughest challenges of prototype manufacturing technology’s. He also pointed out that Motorsport has traditionally worked on an efficiency perspective in order to generate performance and that this is a key value added to many projects not only in Motorsport (for example key people operating in the SpaceX Elon Musk program have Motorsport background).

Professor Leone Martellucci, from the Engineering Faculty of La Sapienza University (a close cooperation is likely to develop in technology terms between this university and RPM) added that going even beyond efficiency, the future of mobility is linked to alternative sources of energy and in this too the ‘Motorsport mindset’ has shown to be a winning factor. He spoke about his experiences as a student with the legendary Giotto Bizzarrini and illustrated the accelerating progress of power energy management through the evolution of the Formula Student SAE projects.

Dr. Tim Angus, Honorary Research Fellow from Coventry University, pointed out the research that has been done throughout the years on the UK relevant to the growth and dynamics of the Motorsport Industry in that country . This included the UK motorsport industry’s direct knowledge transfer links to other sectors such as automotive, aerospace and defence amongst others. In terms of industrial identity and synergic developments the Italian Motorsport Industry has similarly relevant paths to follow and one of RPM’s network aims is to focus directly on guiding and implementing this process of industry diversification.

Engineer Rodi Basso, Motorsport Director – McLaren Applied Technologies, fascinated the audience with a presentation with the title ‘The humanistic face of Motorsport’ pointing out how the context of Motorsport has evolved into a vision embracing technology and marketing in a powerful flow of effective innovation; a vision that in itself has the potential to fuel innovation driven by sustainability, entertainment and a sense of convergence regarding serving the actual needs of the market,. This kind of flexible, focused approach, rooted in Motorsport, is effectively utilised in fields as diverse as automotive, healthcare and natural resources preservation and management.

Finally Professor Riccardo Giannetti, from the Economics and Management Faculty of Pisa University (who are already cooperating with advising on RPM’s organisational set-up), pointed out the organisational aspects that can be utilised to create synergies among business models already present within the RPM network. He also outlined how to shape new business models by leveraging the varied competencies present within the RPM network. Ways to measure (evaluate?) RPM performances have also been suggested by Professor Giannetti.

The conference ended with a short session that summarised the debates from the day and also from the network general counsel held the previous day . The final session also summed up what’s next for RPM, by a slide in which Rodi Basso pointed out what’s in the immediate future for RPM:

  • strengths definition;
  • impact – thinking big (enjoy the disorientation);
  • joined up strategy and convergence thinking (finding what are the market needs first in order to serve them at best).

RPM’s organisation is committed to stimulate and drive the teamwork needed to implement and achieve these network goals and the ones to arise in the future.

Stay tuned for updates.

RPM web site:

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