RPM at Futurmotive: the conference “Motorsport, Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge and Skills”
16 November 2023

Riccardo Paterni has conceived the format and moderated a conference regarding the past present and future of the Italian motorsport industry. The conference was held at Futurmotive expo &n talks &  in Bologna:

RPM at Futurmotive: the conference “Motorsport, Innovation, Knowledge Transfer and Skills”

The event "Motorsport, Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge and Skills: past, present and future from the agile perspective of small and medium-sized enterprises" held as part of Futurmotive last November 16, illuminated the panorama of small and medium-sized enterprises in the context agile of motorsport. Moderated by Riccardo Paterni, Vice President of Business Development and RPM network manager, the event saw the participation of key figures such as Leo Turrini, well-known journalist and writer, Monica Zanetti of Scuderia Bella Epoque, Nicola Scimeca of YCOM, Giovanni Delfino of AUTOTECNICA , Gian Luca Falleti, nanotechnology expert, and Francesco Sedea, RPM President. 

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