18/11/2018 - 3D printing in automotive keeps on evolving
GE and HRE's astonishing 3D-printed titanium wheels are very twisted metal( Fox News Report ) 
17/11/2018 - Digital technologies set to radically reshape fashion business models
The future of fashion (The Economist report) 
15/11/2018 - Work and family, marked dynamics to be aware of...
How Our Careers Affect Our Children  Work Life Balance quality time vs quantity time(HBR article)
11/11/2018 - Roborace starts in pilot assist ...
Roborace drops fully driverless car for first season . Taking the stepbystep route ...(article)
08/11/2018 - Leveraging on meaning to develop organizations
Nowadays leadership is about identifying & sharing a sense of meaning & purpose: essential to generate & guide the focus, energy, learning and active commitment needed at any level of the...
04/11/2018 - The latest index relevant to ease of doing business internationally
The latest ranking relevant to the ease of doing business internationally (World Economic Forum report)
02/11/2018 - Talent management and retaining talent is going to be more relevant than ever in workplaces enriched by Artificial Intelligence
Preparing for the Coming hashtagSkills Shifts . hashtagTalent management focusing on retaining talent is going to be more relevant than ever with workplaces permeated by Artificial Intelligence (MIT...
01/11/2018 - Leveraging on oneself out of the comfort zone ...
Pharrell Williams on How Taking a Risk Led to 'Happy,' the Biggest Hit of His Career. Getting out of the comfortzone for career boosting ... hashtag(article)
25/10/2018 - The changing nature of employing and managing talent remotely
In the future, companies won’t hire remote employees . They will hire #remote teams(Quartz article) 
21/10/2018 - Carbon fiber structure as electric vehicles energy source?
Electric cars could store energy in the carbon fiber bodies ...(technical article)
19/10/2018 - 2018 ten most admired Chinese companies
Let's take a look at the top 10 most admired companies in China for 2018.(China Daily article)
18/10/2018 - The new hypercars WEC class is taking shape ...
Fia and ACO issue lower budget target for WEC's new hypercar class(Autosport article)
16/10/2018 - Leadership skills for the turbulent times of the future
Leading into the future. Leadership skills for turbulent times ...(MIT Sloan article)
14/10/2018 - The high risks of letting hierarchy overpower technical expertise at the wrong time ...
Toto Wolff trying to stay out of Mercedes F1 team strategy calls - ( Autosport article )
12/10/2018 - Automotation and the shifts that will create in the workplace
What We Often Get Wrong About Automation. Workforce upcoming shifts. hashtag( Harvard Business Review article )
11/10/2018 - Going beyond 'taking perspectives' for effective teamwork
Research: Perspective-Taking Doesn’t Help You Understand What Others Want. Interesting research to understand the complexities of hashtagcommunication hashtag within diversity...
07/10/2018 - Countries that are setting trends in international business development at present
Outperformers : High-growth emerging economies and the companies that propel them (McKinsey & Co. report)hashtag
05/10/2018 - Belt and Road initiative and China - Italy cooperation
Belt and Road: Italy Drawing Up MOU With China, Geraci Says hashtag(Bloomberg article)
04/10/2018 - Develop agility in organizations by effectively leveraging on organizational culture
Consider Culture When Implementing Agile Practices hashtahashtag(MIT article)
28/09/2018 - YCom 10 years celebration in international Motorsport development
Congratulations to Nicola Scimeca , Mario Saccone and the entire hashtag#Ycom team for the hashtag#ycom10years celebration. A fantastic meaningful hashtag#Motorsport atmosphere and meaningful speech...
28/09/2018 - Key strategic and operational levers powerful to the growth of any organization
The key levers to organizational development and lasting results( Harvard Business Review article )
27/09/2018 - China new perspectives on innovation
China's Quantum Future - innovation, what's next( article published on Foreign Affairs Magazine )
21/09/2018 - Leveraging at best on cross cultural communication
The power of nonverbal communication is even more relevant in cross cultural contexts( Harvard Business Review article )
20/09/2018 - India and Modi; testing times
Indians are fast losing faith in Modi’s economy( Quartz article )
19/09/2018 - In modern technologically advanced automotive manufacturing the human factor maintains its relevance
In a world of robots, carmakers are hiring more humans ( Bloomberg article )
16/09/2018 - Naples set to rise as technological hub ecosystem? ...
Do hashtagApple and hashtagCisco academies in hashtagNaples stimulate the rise of a hashtagtechnological hashtaghub hashtagentrepreneurial hashtagecosystem?(BBC report)
14/09/2018 - The Science behind Making Supercars ... a new book on the past, present and future of this unique industry
Published a few days ago. Past, present and future of a fascinating topic to many of us; a topic bound to increasingly capture specialized and generalist headlines  ( book abstract ) hashtag
13/09/2018 - Blockchain as a tool to develop strategy within organizations
Leveraging on hashtagblockchain tools for hashtagorganizational hashtagstrategy development   (MIT Sload article)
09/09/2018 - Belt and Road initiative under scrutiny to stimulate the work-in-progress flow
Belt and Road initiative debated from several perspectives   (The Diplomat article)
07/09/2018 - Developing an organizational culture rooted in data
Why does data culture matter? Insights relevant for any organization( McKinsey article )
03/09/2018 - Additive manufacturing spreads its reach of action and appeal
How additive manufacturing can add value - ? #Formula1 #3Dprinting #fasttrackbook #additivemanufacturing #WilliamsF1 #EOS in 2016 made it 'mainstream'; many things have developed...
02/09/2018 - Agile teams effectiveness and leadership
Agile hashtagteams can be effective in any organization yet do require a coherent, determined and involving leadership ...(Harvard Business Review article)
02/09/2018 - Agile Software and Automotive Manufacturing
Tesla Has Applied hashtagAgileSoftware Development To hashtagAutomotive Manufacturing . The automotive industry is one of the most complex ones and the agile flow in its manufacturing, once...
31/08/2018 - Emerging innovation dynamics in China
Emerging hashtag#innovation dynamics in hashtag#China(MIT SLOAN article)
31/08/2018 - Belt and Road Initiative and Automotive
Chinese auto firms accelerate expansion along Belt and Road hashtag#beltancdroadinitiative hashtag#automotive developments (article: Chinese auto firms accelerate expansion along Belt and Road)
25/08/2018 - The Belt and Road Initiative on China - Europe pathways
#cargotrain hashtag#BeltandRoad hashtag#ChinaEurope(article)
24/08/2018 - The leverage of feedback to performance done right ...
When we talk about hashtag#performance hashtag#feedback some key classic basic foundations remain the essence ...(MIT Sloan in depth article)
19/08/2018 - The behind the scenes of managing an F1 Team
F1 team management is all about a fine level of hashtagbalance while handling complex hashtagteamwork consistently and necessarily on a fine edge line that contours hashtagperformance ... ...
07/08/2018 - Perspectives on the electric vehicles infrastructure challenges
Charging ahead: Understanding the hashtagelectricvehicle hashtaginfrastructure challenge Access to efficient charging could become a roadblock to electric-vehicle uptake. Let’s look at the numbers...
03/08/2018 - The Challenge of Scaling Soft Skills
Where hashtag#talentmanagement continues to be tough to nurture systematically, no matter what kind of hashtag#ArtificialIntelligence or hashtag#digitaltechnology in place...(MIT SLOAN article)
26/07/2018 - Leverage on integrity
The hashtag#integrity factor ... not always easy to play with but it makes you feel stronger no matter what the game result is ...(article)
19/07/2018 - The future of mobility in India
The future of #mobility in #India ‘s passenger-vehicle market? Incumbents in the automotive industry should prepare for a changing landscape as India grows into the world’s third-largest...
12/07/2018 - Global Innovation Index 2018; China and India on the rise
China reaches the top 20 list of the Global Innovation Index 2018, India climbs up progressively too  ( The 2018 Index ) 
08/07/2018 - Electric Vehicles batteries: what's next after used
Where 3 Million #ElectricVehicle #Batteries Will Go When They #Retire #global #storage areas(article: Where 3 Million Electric Vehicles batteries will go when they retire)
06/07/2018 - The pace of progress from Honda's perspective
#Honda #F1 and different cultural and organizational perspectives on the pace of #progress(article: The key Honda changes that convinced Red Bull) 
05/07/2018 - IT development in India. Bengaluru role.
#Bengaluru : what's next for #India ‘s tech capital? #whatsnext(article: Bengaluru, what's next for India tech capital? )
04/07/2018 - Leveraging in problem solving and decision making
Pragmatically #leveraging on #diversity through awareness, respect and understanding that any perspective counts to have a full rounded vision of things ...(article: Your challenge as a leader is to...
29/06/2018 - Digital transformation empowered by organizational culture and strategy
#Strategy and #culture , not just tech, drive #digitaltransformation . Technology is an enabling tool and channel to progress, not the driver to it(article: Strategy and culture, not just tech, drive...
28/06/2018 - The Italian Motorsport Ecoystem Networks
On June 28th 2018, several companies from the Italian Motorsport Industry have gathered to proceed in structuring a meaningful network aiming to enhance the value generated by the Italian Motorsport...
26/06/2018 - The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and its dynamics
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Harmony or Discord? #SCO Time for concrete constructive dialogue and synergic action ...(in depth article)
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