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14/05/2020 - Motor Valley Festival Event 2020 Digital: at the core of the latest on automotive and performance automotive
Interesting all encompassing introductory event of the Motor Valley Fest 2020 Digital. The first part featuring articulated focuses on global automotive dynamics by Mckinsey & Co., Bosch and Google,...
29/04/2020 - RPM focuses on Silverstone Technology Cluster effective dynamics of growth
The founding vision, mission and values of RPM network consistently stimulate us to embrace learning from effective practices and proactively stimulate and apply new ways to leverage at best...
25/04/2020 - A relevant opportunity for assessment and growth for the Italian Motorsport Industry
Motorsport Republic magazine points out how the time is right to develop a definitive assessment of the overall business generated in Italy by the Motorsport Industry and relevant Motorsport...
18/04/2020 - Synergy Pathways leads a seminar on Motorsport Industry Culture and Careers for Indian University
We have been proud for the invitation t  speakers in an introductory webinar on the topic of Careers in Motorsport by the Mpstme Racing Team - Mumbai and the prestigious NMIMS...
10/04/2020 - RPM network focuses on Motorsport Industry strategy development post COVID-19
On April 10th 2020 RPM network has had another video conference of its series this time focusing on the topic of “Motorsport Industry post COVID-19, perspectives generated by an organisational...
02/04/2020 - RPM network focuses on financial solutions to overcome the slowdown caused by the pandemia and grow beyond it
On April 2nd 2020 RPM network has organised a special video conference event for its members on the topic of financial channels integrating the traditional banking ones.The event has been organised...
06/03/2020 - Motorsport innovation processes: McLaren F1 Dual Axis Steering system
How the McLaren F1 Dual Axis Steering system came about is an interesting story of innovation development in motorsport ...( Motor1 article )
16/02/2020 - Once again motorsport technology generates benefits into automotive everyday use
Pirelli CyberTyre innovation sets the course for relevant developments in automotive ...( The New York Times article )
09/02/2020 - Automotive: a survey on what the market wants next
A relevant McKinesey & Co. Survey goes to the roots of the needs and wants of the automotive market in connection to all of the major technological changes that are underway( McKinsey & Co....
06/02/2020 - Synergy Pathways in Defexpo 2020 meetings
On February 6th Samit Naik was present to Defexpo in India for meetings with several key Indian companies and corporations that already operate in the field of defence and aerospace for the...
01/02/2020 - Aston Martin will be back to F1 after 60 years; what this means for motorsport ...
Aston Martin brand will back to F1 replacing Racing Point in 2021 as part of the deal that made Lance Stroll and his consortium shareholder of the famed financially struggling British brand. This can...
26/01/2020 - Software development in automotive has become an unavoidable strategic tool of development
An integrated view of software development is automotive has become not only a potentially most efficient way to technical development, it is becoming part of actual business development strategy...
09/01/2020 - Going to the roots of motorsport business research and development
During Austosport International 2020 Riccardo Paterni (RPM VP Business Development), Dr Tim Angus (RPM Board Advisor and UK Representative), Giorgio Casolari (RPM VP Network Develpment) and...
02/01/2020 - The cost of F1 in 2019 team by team has gathered data relevant to the 2019 season of F1, quite interesting to study...PART ONE PART TWO
28/12/2019 - Synergy Pathways Proud Sponsor of Italian Driver to Paris Dakar 2020
We are happy to announce that we are sponsoring SSV number 432 at the upcoming legendary Paris Dakar that in the 2020 edition will be held in Saudi Arabia January 5th, January 17th...
22/12/2019 - Happy Holidays and Prosperous 2020 !
16/12/2019 - The future of mobility from the latest McKinsey & Co. research report ...
The many perspectives and variables that make mobility one of the most dynamic and complex topics from a technology as well as business perspective. This integrated overall McKinsey & Co. report...
11/12/2019 - Gordon Murray and Racing Point intriguing partnership
Gordon Murray and Racing Point have set up a partnership to fuel a unique supercar projects ( Motorsport Magazine article )
04/12/2019 - McDonald's and Ford working together on composite materials for automotive...
Coffe by products are being turned into a source of new composites materials for automotive; relevant and valuable innovation to follow in its developments.( FastCompany article )
23/11/2019 - Niki Lauda and his talent management legacy
Niki Lauda has left to us a marked legacy in how to manage effectively top, complex talent ...( Motorsport magazine )
16/11/2019 - Le Mans ’66. The Movie, motorsport and innovation …
Innovation inspired my motorsport action ...
12/11/2019 - F1 vision for the future ...
F1 management has declared a vision for the future carrying a marked meaning of environmental sustainability; it is going to be interesting to follow the developments ...( FIA - F1 magazine article )
04/11/2019 - A next phase for professional motorsport in the US after a key deal
It is a relevant business deal that is set to shake the US motorsport scenario and is driven by Roger Penske a legendary reference in global motorsport ( Bloomberg article )
31/10/2019 - Synergy Pathways at the Motorsport Games with RPM network
It has been a pleasure to be present at the Motorsport Games in Rome to represent the RPM network together with companies part of the network that have taken key technical roles in making this unique...
18/10/2019 - Once again motorsport technology pushing forward automotive innovation
Electrified turbos from Formula 1 are ahead to mainstream automotive ( MotorAuthority article )
11/10/2019 -
We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to have been represented in a China trade show  in which RPM network took part within Autopromotec's "Mission to China" initiative. The event was...
06/10/2019 - Dynamics of circular economics enter progressively a changing automative industry
A progressively disrupted automotive industry enters the dynamics of the circular economy with BMW ( GreenBiz magazine )
22/09/2019 - Artificial Intelligence and F1 links from many perspectives
Artificial intelligence applications are bound to have an increasingly relevant role in the development of F1 future from a technical and entertainment perspective ... ( Autosport article )
19/09/2019 - RPM General Counsel in Maranello, hosted by Andreoli & Co. Srl
On 19th September 2019 RPM had its second organisational General Counsel after the one held in Rome last April. The meeting was hosted at the headquarters of Andreoli & Co. Srl , a RPM...
29/08/2019 - Autosport's 2019 key influencers list in motorsport
Autosport magazine has published the first edition of a new initiative: the yearly listing of the 50 most relevant influences in motorsport( Autosport listing ) 
22/08/2019 - Within a very complex current scenario automotive can envision a profitable future ...
An interesting view on the automotive fast changing scenario from a World Economic Forum research  ( review the article )
17/08/2019 - Case Study in organisational culture effective shift: McLaren F1 and its engineering culture
The turnaround currently in progress at McLaren F1 originates from a targeted way to address organizational culture key issues ...( Autosport article )
11/08/2019 - The Infiniti Project Black S and its F1 powertrain roots
The prototype from Infiniti is still a one-of-a-kind laboratory, at the present the only road car hybrid powered by technology directly originated from F1 expertise. 
10/08/2019 - Anand Mahindra points out how India can become the electric vehicles hub for global automotive
India is progressively taking a more relevant role within electric vehicles development and manufacturing; Anand Mahindra focuses on these dynamics ( YS magazine India )
01/08/2019 - RPM partners play a key role in upcoming FIA Motorsport Games
The FIA has recently announced the upcoming FIA Motorsport Games that will be held in Vallelunga (Rome) from October 31st through November 1st 2019. The Games represent a ground breaking event...
28/07/2019 - Machine learning can markedly contribute to many transportation improvements.
How can machine learning be applied to improve transportation ?( Freight Waves article )
21/07/2019 - Tesla automobiles and its developments in the world: what's next
The map of superchargers stations by Tesla is showing what's next in business development for the manufacturer.( Electrek article )
14/07/2019 - A simple and straightforward organizational structure is the solution to manage complexity. The McLaren F1 case study.
No more "matrix" #management structure at #McLaren #Formula1 team - Complexity requires the outmost organizational simplicity, clarity of responsibilities and straightforwardness in order to be dealt...
03/07/2019 - Can airspeed represent a 'what's next' of motorsport?
At the current Goodwood Festival of Speed the debate relevant to 'what's next' in Motorsport is on ...( Motorsport magazine article )
30/06/2019 - China's research and development on hydrogen powered vehicles
China focus on hydrogen powered vehicles as sustainable mobility is gaining momentum ...( Bloomberg article )
23/06/2019 - Motorsport fast paced technological innovation as exemplified in MotoGP
How fast paced innovation has sculpted the world fastest motorcycles ( DigitalTrends article )
14/06/2019 - FIA Motorsport Olympics in Rome
Coming up this fall the FIA new Motorsport Olympics ( Autosport Plus article )
10/06/2019 - "How F1 boxed itself into Canada penalty own goal"
Did the F1 Canadian GP represent a crossroad for F1 future? ( in depth perspective on Autosport Plus )
02/06/2019 - Inside RIMAC. Is automotive next generation here already?
A behind the scenes view of Rimac, a glance into the workings of a company by a unique history that has already a marked direct and indirect influence in automotive ...( Motor Authority article )
26/05/2019 - The Leadership and Managerial Legacy left by Lauda in Winning Mercedes
Niki Lauda has left a marked legacy contributing to shape Mercedes F1 successes during the last few years ( Autosport article )
16/05/2019 - Motor Valley Fest; what's next for automotive and mobility. The speed factor...
The first edition of the Motor Valley Fest has begun with a conference held in Modena at municipal theatre named after Luciano Pavarotti. The Conference, focusing on the future of automotive, has...
12/05/2019 - Electric roads charging electric vehicles are a reality
In Sweden an electric road is charging vehicles; is this going to represent a possible viable alternative to the changing needs within the electric vehicles industry?  An article from Fast...
10/05/2019 - A perspective on what might be next within the electric vehicles industry
The growth rate of electric vehicles companies in China has been exponential like, is this sustainable? A perspective from a Bloomberg's article 
05/05/2019 - Mental performance does require an aware holistic approach. Charles Leclerc case study
A very interesting analysis on Austosport Plus points out Charles Leclerc's way to leverage on the mental strength that integrates and fuels his talent ... 
27/04/2019 - Minardi Day: a day of Motorsport celebration at Imola race track
It has reached its 4th edition, the Minardi Day created and organised by the former F1 manufacturer, it is a celebration of Motorsport past, present and future within the unique settings of the...
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