RPM's October 2020 General Assembly at the new operational headquarters in Autopromotec
13 October 2020

On October 13, 2020 we have had a General Assembly to debate several topics regarding evolutions and developments of the network. Within the complexities and restrictions of COVID19 we have organised the meeting both in presence and videoconference. 

The meeting has taken place at the facilities of Autopromotec close to Bologna. We have formally signed an agreement with Autopromotec CEO, Renzo Servadei, to make such facilities an operational reference for RPM activities. This further contributes to strengthen the active cooperation among the two organisations already actively synergising on the organisation and development of the global forum Engineering 4 Performance. During the meeting we have dialogued on the current work-in-progress regarding this upcoming forum that is set to expand the international reach of RPM within the motorsport field, and other technologically related fields, by leveraging upon current and future technology transfer dynamics.

We have welcomed Dino Paoli srl formally joining RPM and we had formalised a change within RPM board. Giorgio Casolari has resigned (we thank him for the dedication and support in making RPM develop) and Francesca Paoli (Dino Paoli srl CEO) has stepped in as new Vice President joining the other Vice President (Riccardo Paterni) and the President (Francesco Sedea) to form the renewed board.

RPM’s Advisor and CPA, Pierpaolo Vannucci, has presented several  financial solutions and tools that are currently available to Italian Small and Mid Size Enterprises to stimulate and feed concrete developments to fight the complexities generated by the pandemia. Fully leveraging on organisational material and immaterial assets; leveraging on effective patenting and benefiting from public funding to strengthen and expand internationalisation; those are just some of the key references presented that are available in the RPM website Member Area for further consultation.

The results of a network status formal survey have been presented by a student from the University of Pisa working on a thesis on the topic (Elia Marcucci from the Economics & Management faculty). The survey has pointed out concrete areas to focus on to further fuel RPM's expansion and joined projects developments. The survey is available for consultation and comments within RPM web site Member Area.

The minutes of the meeting are available within the RPM web site Member Area.

( photos from the meeting available at the link below )


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