RPM Motorsport Network First 2023 General Assembly
10 March 2023

On March 10th 2023 we have had the first RPM General Assembly in 2023. Almost all of the 24 current network member companies were present either in person (at our operational headquarters in Anzola D’EmilIa, Casa Autopromotec site) or through remote connection. We also had companies visiting our assembly because interested in RPM’s goals, dynamics and progresses.

It has been an important General Assembly: it has unfolded on several topics that had been presented regarding the growth of the network, the strengthening of its organizational structure and of its goals.

Three new members have joined RPM (Meccanica 4M, Tecnocable and Kaiti Expansion); Riccardo Paterni has been officially nominated Network Manager; a new overall communication strategy has been presented and approved.

We have highlighted Business Development opportunities regarding active RPM participation to international trade shows such as: the Professional Motorsport World Expo in Cologne - Germany (November 2023, we will have a larger stand than last year’s); and we have also referred to trade shows in the USA such as Performance Racing Industry (PRI) - Indianapolis in December 2023 and CES - Las Vegas, January 2024 (we will further learn about RPM presence to these trade shows in upcoming assemblies).

We have also focused on Business Development opportunities in the USA and India (relating them to experienced professionals we have ties with that are present on the grounds and ready to listen and focus on RPM companies growth needs).

In addition we have introduced two technical projects that are in progress and that could involve directly RPM since several network members competencies can be potentially utilized for their development.

Autopromotec has also introduced FUTURMOTIVE, a conference and exhibition event that will take place in November focusing on the mobility of the future; RPM will have an active role within the conference and exhibition with a dedicated area.

We have closed the assembly by approving the 2022 business budget.

(gallery pictures at this link)


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