Sports and money create and entangled often chocking mix: poor results and debts.

Too often we are accustomed to associate to major sports excesses of money. Money wasted in questionable deal, soaring debts, franchising that are not working. Sport teams, in all sorts of sports, are often mismanaged with an obsessive focus over image more than substance. When too much money gets in the game and consequently the key focus become to develop (or at least protect!) investments, quite often sooner than later poor competitive results and huge debts start to show.

The Green Bay Packers football team (from the little US Mid West town of Green Bay, population 102,000) multiple winners of the overall SuperBowl championship (including the last one last January), show a different unique model to manage the team, a model that is based upon the public ownership of it by the fans themselves. This kind of organizational model gives lots of stimuli to think about for sports team and organizations alike and this recent article feature in BusinessWeek touches some key aspects of it: “Meet the Best Owners in Football” .