Being Humanistic

We have lost our path as we struggle to get elite space. The world is shaken enough by the past decisions and human(Political) rivalry. People are going through a lot of hurdles and pressure. But the saddest part is that there were many who were never the contributors to the mess but are the sufferers.

The complete west is in trouble after 2008 recession. What can be changed and what has to change is a big issue oscillating in front of us. Middle class citizens of any country and true businessmen have suffered enough and are still trying to cope up with the losses.

Uncertainty has deeply rooted itself within the society in the form of threat or low confidence to work. What we need to do is first get ethical and loyal to ourselves...ask the mirror in front of you...Have I been loyal enough to the society?

See if you feel guilty. If yes, then it’s time to change. If not now our future generation will see the fall of capitalist empire. Globalization has helped many countries from the developed to the emerging economies, but never helped anyone is a humanistic way. The approach is the same for all...”Profits”. We create ways to expand and build a strong business environment. But all this is done with a short term goal. In the long run we are not the losers because many have enough to sell and eat. But what does our future generation have, just to clear the mess that we are making today.

It’s time for us to move ahead in life, keeping ethics to the core of everything and honesty the crown of our deeds.

We have to get out of our artificial attire and behave like humans(With Emotions). We have not lost the opportunity yet to correct what we are doing. Countries in Africa have all the resources but the stronger players have taken away their rights to work as well as to live.

We all have to move together towards a better tomorrow as one with single mission that is to make our society a better place. Our inter human being is the only answer to drive away the worries and troubles of all. Live and help live today and for tomorrow.