A market abroad developed in a concrete way...

There has been a long fight all these months to get the goods moving. All we needed was a small bureaucratic document for our client. Seems like bureaucracy has always been an hurdle at crucial times causing delays in business and the shaking the whole business cycle.

Four months of time was almost half the year is gone considering another one month for shipping and clearing. Its time to boost up to bring alive the connections to sell the goods at the earliest to bring the lost cycle back on track along with Local buyers interest.

After lot of hard work and group work at all levels and different stages won the silly war. Probably it is time to celebrate for all of us in the team. We are through all the bureaucracy for now and wish to have smooth moment in India. Working with clear figures and strategy will not create hurdles apart from unwanted intensions by people. Hope this real abstract situtaion brings a clear picture of whats happening.

The Movement Process:-

1> Container at the Factory-----(Clear Beaucratic Documents)----2> Transportation to Sellers Port---3>Customs Clear-----4>Shipped to India----5>Custom Cleared---6>Shipped to Local Stocking Address----7>Collaborate with possible associates---8>Work on Sales, Marketing and Collection----9>Analyze and Act at all stages to avoid mistakes----10>Repeat the Cycle

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