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11 April 2022

On April 11th we have performed the second phase of assessment MindUP Enhancement Psychology assessment, at our sister company Mind UP Srl, on Fabio Del Punta rally raid driver, he he has already participated to Paris Dakar raids among other rallies in a long career.

Fabio has been surprised by the amount of data we are used to gather and elaborate with our tools and how the data can channel exactly areas of development or areas to balance. The goal is always the same: to stimulate the top performance linked to talent while sustaining well being,

Lorenzo has led the assessment with the support of the Mind UP Enhancement Psychology trainer Andrea Giammaria and the trainee Luigi Falco.

Fabio has ben very impressed by the experience because he has become aware of strengths areas to empower and of weak areas to work with that he would never have been able to identify by himself. Stay tuned for developments…


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