Assistance on the competition field from a MindUP Enhancement Psychology ® (Synergy Pathways sister company) perspective
22 January 2023

From MIndUP Enhancement Psychology ® blog:

"One of the cornerstones of our work and one of the main goals we want to achieve with our athletes is to bring them to complete independence. Autonomy means the mix between a strong personal awareness of oneself and one's means and the ability to use the mental resources learned during training. During the path that will lead to these abilities, if requested, we can also offer assistance on competition field with three purposes: observe and study the dynamics on the field, carry out a real training session since our equipment is all portable and support the athlete when autonomy is not yet complete. In the case of our young pilot Qarrar Fhirand, precisely because of his young age, we are working on all three of the above objectives."


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