The future of mobility and business development India
14 February 2023

It was a pleasure to have meetings in Autopromotec regarding the development of the upcoming Futurmotive event in November (concerning the latest developments within the multiple technological, organizational an business model changes in mobility) and also business development opportunities in India. Stay tuned for updates ...


Riccardo Paterni on a TV Show focusing on Health and Performance together with Lorenzo Baldassarri
On March 15th Riccardo Paterni together with his business partner Lorenzo Baldassarri in MindUP Enhancement Psychology ®  (Synergy Pathways'...
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RPM Motorsport Network First 2023 General Assembly
On March 10th 2023 we have had the first RPM General Assembly in 2023. Almost all of the 24 current network member companies were present either in...
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