Samit S. Naik
I have keen interest in helping people but people who come up with concrete opportunities to do good for the society. Said good can be in many ways... Starting a business, social cause events, medical help etc.

I prefer being positive about what ever I do, so that the other dependent feels the same and generates positivity around him... It's good for everyone!!! I love doing business with people who are humanistic and not around just to make money!!!

Profitability is a result of sustainability and sustainability a result of good human capital. So it is really very important to have a humanistic approach to successfully run a mechanistic or organic business.

I love cars and speed... I had great opportunity to use several international branded cars during the past 15 years... And yes it's wonderful to feel the German and Italian Technology.

Having a wide experience in different fields like logistics, imports, exports, tourism, construction, equipment management, interiors and business development for the past 20 years I have gained concrete knowledge of the Indian business platforms and the in and out of bureaucracy to deal with. I sometimes write articles related to business or our society that would put some light on culture, trends and themes of life.

Having a kind and sweet family and their support, today I am a consultant working with Riccardo Paterni on several projects big and small... Not only business projects but on projects which are made to change our living place.

I look forward to help companies and enterpreauners to establish new Base for expansion of their limits. I look forward to form a wide network of synergies to move ahead with sustainability and towards sustainability.

I look forward every new day to enjoy my work with people to find solutions to complex problems and issues keeping spirituality, ethics and values at the core.
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