India and its real future growth: food for thought...
Posted by Riccardo Paterni on 11/06/2017

India and its real future growth: food for thought...

Interesting articles published just a few days ago.

Very intriguing and enlightening.

What is An India of Tomorrow?

India full potential keeps-on being limited in its expression and action must be taken to unleash it. The government seems to understand this and elaborate policies that theoretically are arguably sound; yet their implementation has to be done in a progressive wise manner in order to avoid hindering the economic system, mostly the one relevant to the Small and Medium Enterprises that represent the current lifeline of the economy.


Mastering the Make-in-India Challenge

Foreign companies can reap the benefits of India market potentials within several market segments ; the make-in-india policy has been changing the dynamics of the entire system making them clearer to tackle yet more difficult and complex. This article features a very interesting analysis based also on historical data research. The findings can be quite useful to take action in the present and future.