14/07/2019 - A simple and straightforward organizational structure is the solution to manage complexity. The McLaren F1 case study.
No more "matrix" #management structure at #McLaren #Formula1 team - Complexity requires the outmost organizational simplicity, clarity of responsibilities and straightforwardness in order to be dealt...
10/07/2019 - Sports as a powerful lessons playground for management (even more when we focus on analytics ...)
Observing how sports are set to perform from many perspectives can give valid management lessons, this becomes even stronger when the use of analytics comes into place,  interesting article from...
07/07/2019 - Shaping organisations focused on continuous learning
Pragmatic pointers on how to shape an organisational culture focused on learning ( Fast Company article )
03/07/2019 - Can airspeed represent a 'what's next' of motorsport?
At the current Goodwood Festival of Speed the debate relevant to 'what's next' in Motorsport is on ...( Motorsport magazine article )
02/07/2019 - Top ten emerging technologies in 2019
The top ten emerging technologies that are shaping the dynamics and pace of innovation across the globe.( World Economic Forum article )
30/06/2019 - China's research and development on hydrogen powered vehicles
China focus on hydrogen powered vehicles as sustainable mobility is gaining momentum ...( Bloomberg article )
27/06/2019 - Leveraging on three key talents for effective organizations of the present and the future...
An interesting article from the World Economic Forum summarises key behaviorual and technological aspects that are essential for nowadays and future organisations ...( World Economic Forum article )
23/06/2019 - Motorsport fast paced technological innovation as exemplified in MotoGP
How fast paced innovation has sculpted the world fastest motorcycles ( DigitalTrends article )
21/06/2019 - Key Dynamics Current Dynamics in Global Manufacturing
Current geopolitical strategies and frictions are markedly shaping new realities in manufacturing. Is the era of 'Made in China' over?( Bloomberg article )
20/06/2019 - The key factors that make a family business strong...
Recent research has pointed out key aspects that make family businesses strong ( Harvard Business Review article )
16/06/2019 - What is actually needed for a sound vision of global business development ...
?It’s time for global businesses to accept local responsibility . Being truly global with a vision means to focus on caring for the local ... ( article from World Economic Forum reporting )
14/06/2019 - FIA Motorsport Olympics in Rome
Coming up this fall the FIA new Motorsport Olympics ( Autosport Plus article )
10/06/2019 - "How F1 boxed itself into Canada penalty own goal"
Did the F1 Canadian GP represent a crossroad for F1 future? ( in depth perspective on Autosport Plus )
09/06/2019 - Effective teamwork: the key pointers from an in-depth qualitative study from Google
Google has conducted a qualitative involving 180 teams over a 2 years projects time period. The findings that are surfacing in terms of teamwork effectiveness factors are quite practical ...( INC....
06/06/2019 - Tuscany and India ties in progressive development
The recently founded Toscana - India association has organised in Florence ( Confindustria Florence headquarters ) a conference to establish, empower and strengthen cultural, social and business ties...
02/06/2019 - Inside RIMAC. Is automotive next generation here already?
A behind the scenes view of Rimac, a glance into the workings of a company by a unique history that has already a marked direct and indirect influence in automotive ...( Motor Authority article )
02/06/2019 - Is the digital era fostering a socio-cultural and economic environment in with Renaissance people can thrive ?
Technological changes are shaping a context in which a Renaissance Person mindset and action can make a difference ... ( article from )
01/06/2019 - New geo-political and economic dynamics that are reshaping global business
Relevant geo-political changes are reshaping key aspects that have a direct impact on the way global business development is reshaping; the impact can be considerable for organisations operating...
26/05/2019 - The Leadership and Managerial Legacy left by Lauda in Winning Mercedes
Niki Lauda has left a marked legacy contributing to shape Mercedes F1 successes during the last few years ( Autosport article )
24/05/2019 - International retailing: luxury brands managing around counterfeiters
Some insights on how luxury brands can manage around counterfeiters ( Harvard Business Review article )
22/05/2019 - The Media Literacy Index can be considered a relevant overall educational indicator
Very interesting considerations can be drawn from the Media Literacy Index and the development of critical thinking skills ...( article from the World Economic Forum )
21/05/2019 - Organisational culture: digital ready?
Organisational culture has a relevant impact in the way that organisations are able to take full advantage of opportunities generated by digital technologies ... ( MIT article )
16/05/2019 - Motor Valley Fest; what's next for automotive and mobility. The speed factor...
The first edition of the Motor Valley Fest has begun with a conference held in Modena at municipal theatre named after Luciano Pavarotti. The Conference, focusing on the future of automotive, has...
12/05/2019 - Electric roads charging electric vehicles are a reality
In Sweden an electric road is charging vehicles; is this going to represent a possible viable alternative to the changing needs within the electric vehicles industry?  An article from Fast...
10/05/2019 - A perspective on what might be next within the electric vehicles industry
The growth rate of electric vehicles companies in China has been exponential like, is this sustainable? A perspective from a Bloomberg's article 
10/05/2019 - Versilia Yachting Rendez Vous event, NAVIGO consortium and RETIC incubator programme
Within the Versilia Yachting Rendez Vous event, through the organization of  Navigo  the largest network of nautical companies in Italy and Lucca Technology Hub , there has been a...
05/05/2019 - Mental performance does require an aware holistic approach. Charles Leclerc case study
A very interesting analysis on Austosport Plus points out Charles Leclerc's way to leverage on the mental strength that integrates and fuels his talent ... 
04/05/2019 - The powerful force of vision, mission and values (for good or bad). Boeing case study...
An analysis of Boeing vision, mission and values statements represents a valuable insightful perspective on the roots of its current troubles ( Quartz article )
03/05/2019 - Barriers and opportunities pivoting on organizational culture. The Boeing case study...
The organizational culture has in itself a tremendous power in fostering sustainable growth by making sure that reality is always on check ( Harvard Business Review article )
27/04/2019 - Minardi Day: a day of Motorsport celebration at Imola race track
It has reached its 4th edition, the Minardi Day created and organised by the former F1 manufacturer, it is a celebration of Motorsport past, present and future within the unique settings of the...
27/04/2019 - Exo technology literally empowering workers
Exo technology, relevant to exoskeletons and exosuits is set to have relevant impacts in workplaces ... ( article from Inverse )
26/04/2019 - Motorsport: what's next !? ...
A very interesting visionary article on possible technological paths of Motorsport in the upcoming future ...( article form RACE TECH magazine )
25/04/2019 - Does planning foster innovation?
Planning can represent a relevant factor to foster innovation given the presence of some key elements ...( article from INC. magazine )
20/04/2019 - New technological trends are shaping retailing the present and the future of retailing
Technology is shaping up new relevant business models in retailing ( Harvard Business Review article )
19/04/2019 - Mobility start-up and 2019 investment trends
Innovation in mobility technology and business models represent a relevant topic for a large number of start-up invents globally, here a summary of the key trends in 2019. ( Mckinsey article )
12/04/2019 - 1st Conference RPM network (Rete Professionisti Motorsport)
On April 12th 2019 it was held in Rome (La Sapienza University, Engineering Faculty) the 1st Conference of the network RPM . Almost 20 Italian companies operating within the motorsport industry...
07/04/2019 - Talent management and Charles Leclerc as F1 rising star
Charles Leclerc and the way he is managing his talent on and off track ...( Motorsport article )
06/04/2019 - Motorsport upcoming hydrogen frontier
The Hydrogen future for Le Mans ( Racecar Engineering Article )
04/04/2019 - Tools for intercultural understanding in business and life; an inspiration from Japan
Intercultural understanding is a crucial factor in business and life that goes well beyond speaking a common language; richer channels of communication have to be found in order to portray at best...
03/04/2019 - When teamwork embraces change ...
Change can represent a key factor in developing effective and efficient teamwork ...( Harvard Business Review article )
31/03/2019 - Practical supports to critical thinking development and use
Podcasts that stimulate critical thinking from many perspectives ...( Forbes article )
26/03/2019 - Path of development for the digital e-commerce solid potential of India
Consumers have strongly embraced digital technologies in India, the potential for companies is considerable and requires focused action ( McKinsey article )
25/03/2019 - The organisational structured way to develop and foster innovation
Some interesting practical insights on the positive impacts that changing the organisational structure can have on generating innovation ( Inc. Article )
22/03/2019 - Formula Indy in Austin has brought back 'real racing' into motorsport. Lessons to learn...
Indycar Austin debut has appealed to the the roots of classic racing motorsport; lessons to learn ...( Autosport article )
20/03/2019 - AI and training, extending learning into the daily work ...
AI is going to enhance the potential and opportunities to learn within any work environment ( in depth article )
14/03/2019 - Italian SMEs companies go international. A conference featuring pragmatic pointers on how to do it effectively.
The Internationalisation Committee of the Lucca Provence CPAs Association has organised, together with the the Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra Bank, a conference by the Chamber of Commerce in Lucca...
12/03/2019 - The RPM Performance Engineering Network becomes a reality
The RPM (Rete Professionisti Motorsport) performance engineering Motorsport network has been founded in Modena today. Several Italian motorsport industry companies,...
10/03/2019 - What the most effective innovators do different ...
What sets the most effective innovators apart ...( HBR article )
08/03/2019 - India and its efforts towards a new mobility
Indian and the launch of the National Mission on Transformative Mobility and Battery Storage ( article )
06/03/2019 - The Organisational Platform Play, operate with the focus and flexibility of a technology company
Today any organisation for its sustainable development and growth needs to channel at best energy and resources while focusing on a high level of flexibility ( McKinsey article ) 
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