Present Market War
Posted by Samit S Naik on 15/06/2017

Present Market War

After that we in India experienced in Mid 2000 the big boom in real estate and other sectors everyone tried to make their own money. Certainly, it was a growth which had no rules. The developers started to overpower the government and build their own empires. Business houses were flooded with money and the buyer power had rose to sky heights.

The era was about to die soon and that is what we see. The buying power is lost due to weak business and insecurity in jobs. High taxations from only 2% of the population has taken lives of few for many. The balance was never maintained in the society for wealth and reforms. Now we face the consequences of a locked-up situation.

Newer government is cleaning the system but cleaning it in such a way that we have to bare the pain for all. It’s just like a new independence time when people have to start from scratch and all your wealth and past efforts have gone down the drain. With dying small business there is no bail out. All small and big entrepreneurs are waiting and just waiting to face the consequences and most of them already on the way to liquidate what they have and set themselves in a safe zone. 

We can just hope good but good is needed in short and medium term for business to stay alive in long term. All this comes with ethics within the government and the people in business. Everyone needs to know their moral responsibility towards the nation and at the sometime the government cannot chew up honest tax payer’s money to fund the housing and well-being of youth that does not want to work in the name of “Under Privileged”. Hope everything can we viewed again by the Indian  Politicians and Citizens , much more beyond religious arguments and bureaucratic troubles caused  including taxing the taxing the honest over and over again.