Italian motorcycle firm wins world famous race (but it's not Ducati...)
Posted by Tim Angus on 29/06/2017

Italian motorcycle firm wins world famous race (but it's not Ducati...)

The general public is usually only aware of two main Italian firms when it comes to success in global motorsport. If it competes with four wheels it must be a Ferrari and if it competes with two wheels it must be a Ducati. 

Perhaps the real enthusiasts would acknowledge the week in week out success of the Italian single seat specialist Dallara, who supply many categories worldwide in motorsport (e.g. Indycar, Indy Lights, GP2, GP3, F3, Formula V8 3,5 and Super Formula). The fact that much of Dallara's success is in these one make categories might dilute the appeal to some of this success, however. 

Perhaps also the real enthusiast for two wheeled motorsport would also acknowledge the presence of Italian firms like Aprilia and MV Agusta in global motorsport but it is a while since either tasted outright success in global motorsport events. 

What then, would most interested observers make of the outright success last month, at the world famous Isle of Man TT races on the fearsome 60km circuit on an island in the North Sea, of the Italian firm Paton .

Paton, with the English veteran rider Michael Rutter on board, won the Lightweight TT at the Isle of Man outright against world leading competition, mainly from Japanese machines. Indeed the firm almost scored a 1-2 in the category, but for a mechanical failure for the Italian rider Stefano Bonetti.

Paton, based near Milan have been in existence since 1958, and have been ridden in the past by such legendary riders as Mike Hailwood. This latest success however with Michael Rutter, is arguably the summit of their 60 year existence so far. 

This success for Paton also highlights the fact that the most interesting stories in motorsport are not necessarily linked to the biggest or most well known names, whether they be in Italy or elsewhere....