Synergy Pathways in Defexpo 2020 meetings
Posted by Riccardo Paterni on 06/02/2020

Synergy Pathways in Defexpo 2020 meetings

On February 6th Samit Naik was present to Defexpo in India for meetings with several key Indian companies and corporations that already operate in the field of defence and aerospace for the Indian Government. 

The meetings were relevant to a project that we are unfolding on behalf of Merin Srl (both Synergy Pathways and Merin Srl belong to the RPM Network of companies in Italy) and we utilised the opportunity to establish ties with companies that seek upgrading technologies and solutions to feed the increasing investments of the Indian government in the fields.

Through these connections we are in the process of organising a networking event among RPM companies interested to such fields, and those Indian companies, with the active cooperation of the Indian Embassy in Rome. Stay tuned for updates. 

( additional pictures available at this link )