Samit Naik, Synergy Pathways, visiting DEFEXPO22 INDIA
Posted by Riccardo Paterni on 19/10/2022

Samit Naik, Synergy Pathways, visiting DEFEXPO22 INDIA

Samit has today visited extensively DEFEXPO22 INDIA in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. He has visited many contacts that we have already have and developed new ones as part of the high tech networks and activities we have been cultivating across India for years. Key personal contacts with large corporations as well as with innovative start ups characterize the breadth of Synergy Pathways hub of connections and knowledge across several fields, companies and governmental agencies. 

Active international integrated, all inclusive, international business development has been characterizing Synergy Pathways in its over ten years of activity and more then even we continue this path linked to stronger and stronger ties and opportunities that Indian companies are developing with international ones. 

Stay tuned for specific technical and organizational developments relevant to these activities.

( pictures from the expo at this link )