We are proud to be among the founding member of the Italian Motorsport Industry SMEs network RPM - performance engineering ( www.rpm-italia.org ) .

The formal network was founded in Modena on 12 March 2019 

Presented officially in Rome alongside the Rome ePrix on 11 April 2019 

Riccardo Paterni has been nominated RPM VP of Business Development. 

The overall Motorsport Industry is increasingly becoming a reference for innovation and knowledge transfer utilised in many other sectors. Organisations such as McLaren Applied Technologies or Williams Advanced Engineering have been developing healthy business through projects related to this emerging field. 

We are currently researching the field, also through our work-in-progress book "Fast Track Innovation. Motorsport and Automotive Management Inspiring Organisational and Process Innovation in Business" and, together with colleagues in the United Kingdom as Dr. Tim Angus Honorary Research Fellow Centre for Business in Society Coventry University,  we are contributing to shape networks of business development within the industry including direct links to relevant international academic institutions.

We have introduced business concepts as ideas relevant to Motorsport Industry within the University of Pisa MBA program through meetings with supercar manufacturer, Luca Mazzanti, Manufacturer of the Mazzanti's Evantra and a presentation by the University of Pisa Formula Student programme. Dr.Angus has also made a presentation at the MBA focusing on the overall global Motorsport Industry with a particular reference to the United Kingdom one. Dr. Angus' presentation has been featured in the Italian edition of Motorsport.com (inclusive of PDF slides).

In September 2016 we have made a presentation at Regent's University in London regarding the topic and involving case studies relevant also to Italian Motorsport companies.The title of the presentation was "MOTORSPORT INDUSTRY: DRIVING INNOVATION AND INDUSTRY DIVERSIFICATION" . The link features an introductory article to the presentation as well as  downloadable PDF slides and a relevant article published by the Italian edition of Motorsport.com  (inclusive of the PDF slides).

At the link right below an additional article by with Gabriele Testi, Motorsport.com journalist, we contributed to write on the Italian edition of Motorsport.com by the title "This way McLaren and Williams are innovating the biomedical industry".

Given the presence of these dynamics, we utilise specific knowledge and networks to actively support the business growth of Motorsport Industry's organisations. We implement this through customised approaches to Organisational and International Business Development characterising our overall services.

Our area of expertise is in ‘the business of motorsport’. 

We have an extensive knowledge pool, and business network, within global motorsport and have a track record in delivering world-class motorsport projects and business development support for motorsport SME’s. (Small and Medium Enterprises)

Our offer helps your company to develop concrete business by:

  • helping you identify what your company does well and what it finds more challenging finding pragmatic ways to manage around them; 

  • becoming aware on whether you are leveraging your know-how to maximum effect. We will  firstly help you identify your know how and secondly help identify where else in the marketplace it could be used;

  • helping your company to identify new opportunities to utilise your know-how in new sectors of the marketplace;

  • offering detailed help with market research for new marketplaces;

  • helping your company to leverage at best on your brand in new markets;

  • helping you sell your know-how, and relevant products and services, into international markets by utilising our extensive global motorsport network;

  • helping you to identify and access sources of funding to fuel your company growth.

For further information and queries: Riccardo Paterni

It is our pleasure to welcome within the Synergy Pathways Motorsport Industry Dr. Tim Angus collaborating with us on projects relevant to Motorsport and Motorsport Industry analysis, research and developments on an international scale.

A summary of his expertise and experience follows:

Dr Tim Angus – Motorsport Industry consultant and Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University, UK.

Tim has been working in the field of motorsport for over 20 years. He completed a PhD on the Italian Motorsport Industry in 2001. Tim’s three main areas of research expertise within motorsport are:

policy research on the economic impact of motorsport (both sport and industry) for government;

market intelligence on motorsport for the sport’s governing bodies and trade associations, and;

targeted market research for the global motorsport industry.

Tim’s clients have included the UK Government (UK Trade and Investment, Department of Trade and Investment, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills), various UK Regional and local Development Agencies, the FIA and various ASN’s, as well as independent businesses in the global motorsport industry.

Tim’s work has been widely featured in the specialist motorsport press and mainstream media. He has also featured as an expert interviewee for BBC Radio, The Economist, The Telegraph and the Financial Times and is co-author of the leading book on the global industry of motorsport:

Tim Angus co-autor of the book:


The challenges facing the world Motorsport Industry.

This book provides the definitive economic study of the global motorsport industry. Drawing on a decade of research, and interviews with top industry executives and international commentators, the global grid of motorsport is analysed and world's national motorsport industries benchmarked. Motorsport Going Global concludes on scenarios for the global industry as it enters a new era of the market.

Tim has developed an unequalled knowledge of the real business of motorsport, having undertaken a wide range of research over the past twenty years. A short selection of this work is as follows: